New Arts Website Launches with Local Arts Information for Arts Lovers and Performers

A new website called Somerset Arts has been launched to provide all aspects of dramatic arts, literary arts, video arts, performing arts news and guest blog posts from experts in different arts fields.

Arts lovers throughout Somerset in the will find relevant and useful information on the new recently launched Somerset Arts website. This new website incorporates a whole host of lively content including the latest news covering all aspects of arts including: dramatic arts, literary arts, video arts, performing arts and guest blog posts from experts in different arts fields.

Somerset Arts seeks to create awareness of all forms of literary arts in Somerset including relevant local newspaper features, magazines, films, theatrical venues, poetry recitals and comedy events. In addition, musical arts coverage will also be as broad as possible covering choral music, opera and operettas, orchestral performances, jazz and folk music festivals and even pantomimes in community centres and churches.

One particular specialism of the new site will be devoted to the visual arts including contemporary and traditional hand sketch drawing, computer generated art, illustration, cartoons and painting. Live action moving imagery is also covered with regular reviews of the latest mainstream movie releases and the works of local cinematographers.

The intention is to develop a vibrant platform of arts coverage that is relevant to Somerset and other parts of south west England.

Website owner, Tilly Bryan has invested considerable time and effort to ensure an enjoyable user experience while providing timely and relevant information on the local arts scene. Additional updates and new features can be expected in the future. Interested parties can view the website at Somerset Arts and the information that it provides.

Tilly Bryan commented “We are committed to making continual improvements and adjustments so that all arts lovers and performers alike can easily access the latest information on the local arts scene. It is the goal of Somerset Arts to become the leading resource for reliable information on issues impacting arts lovers throughout south west England.”

Somerset Arts welcomes new visitors to take a look at the vibrant content on the site and also provide feedback concerning the topics and subject matter they would like to see feature in future website updates.”

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