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Tyres are something that need replacing every few years and as they are generally “round and black”, it's not easy to predict how well they'll do their job by just looking at them or even kicking them, for that matter.

A new article just released by Best Drive Helensvale tells us that as all tyres are not created equal, there are a few things that should be kept in mind when considering what tyre and brand is right for your vehicle.

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As quoted by Graham Byrne in an article for Choice “Buying a quality car and maintaining it properly will keep you rolling along, but what you put on your wheels really makes a difference. Your tyres, after all, are where the rubber hits the road. Putting cheap tyres on an otherwise solid automobile would be like wearing thongs with a tuxedo”.

What type of tyre does the vehicle need? A good place to start are the manufacturers requirements. This should fairly clearly outline the right specifications for tyres that you fit the car with, including what size and maximum carrying capacity the tyres should have to be able to support the vehicle. The vehicle should have a Tyre Placard which will detail the minimum standards required.Finding out what all of the numbers mean can be a very useful information.

Tyres are noted by a specific code which tells you what type of tyre it is and specs around it such as P205/65R15 95V. You can decode the code as follows:

P: car type

205: tyre width

65: aspect ratio

R: construction type

16: rim diameter

95: load index

V: speed rating

For example, if the code starts with a P, this means that the tyre is a “P-metric” size designed for vehicles that are primarily used as passenger vehicles (like cars, light duty pickup trucks, minivans, and SUVs). Different letters also mean different things, like “LT” for light truck, or “ST” for special trailer.

If the best performance is what is required for a specific vehicle then special types of tyres should be considered. Sports car owners, for example, technically could get away with installing regular passenger vehicle tyres on their pride and joy, but should seek out premium performance tyres, which are designed to handle and grip extra well with powerful engines travelling at higher speeds.

As Stuart Nicholls from Best Drive told us “If you still find that you’re confused about all the different types of tyres out there for sale, it’s best to leave it to the professionals. Speak to a vehicle expert about what you’re looking for in a tyre, what your driving habits are, including whether or not you tend to take your vehicle off-road, or stick primarily to city driving”.

Best Drive stock a wide range of tyres from high performance to budget, these include brands such as Continental, Falken, GoodYear, Hankook, Kumho, Michelin, Pirelli & Toyo.

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