New App Found to Help Lower Stress Levels

The app, Serenita, measures the user's stress levels using the smartphone camera and processes the information in order to evaluate the user's stress levels and the ability to concentrate.

People are stressed out by the security situation in the world today than ever before in recent history. A new application developed by the Israel-based Eco-Fusion company will measure the stress level of a person and provide the user with a personalized breathing exercises which will help relieve the stress. The app are available for both for Android and iOS users.

The app, Serenita, measures the user’s stress levels using the smartphone camera as a biomedical sensor (PPG – Photoplethysmograph). The sensor detects biological feedback in the form of pulse and bloodstream pace, and processes the information in order to evaluate the user’s stress levels and the ability to concentrate.

After diagnosing the stress levels, the app guides the user through a technique to lower the stress level with a breathing exercise. The exercise takes five minutes a day and is personally tailored for each user. Studies conducted in the United States show that one in three Americans suffers from chronic stress and that stress is the cause of 65 percent of Americans’ doctor’s visits.

“Stress is everywhere, and Serenita provides a convenient tool for dealing with it,” says Dr. Oren Fuerst, Eco-Fusion’s founder and chairman. “The company was born in a bid to create ‘digital medications.’ In other words, apps which change people’s day-to-day routines.

“When the apps were examined in different health fields, the stress issue is hardly treated, although it affects the body directly and indirectly, especially with diseases like diabetes and hypertension.”

The app can be easily downloaded in two different versions: A free version and a premium version with more accurate personalization. In order to use the app, attach the tip of a users finger to the smartphone camera for a minute. The device measures the stress level and focus according to complicated algorithms and provides the user with a personalized plan of action. The instructions appear on the screen and are said out loud.

“Relaxing elements like yoga and meditation have been found to be effective in lowering stress over time, but very hard to integrate into a busy schedule,” Dr. Fuerst clarifies. “Tests Serenita conducted among the app’s users revealed that 80 percent reported reduced stress levels throughout the day, after using the app for only several days.

“Serenita conducted a clinical trial among diabetes patients, which showed an 18 percent improvement in subjects sugar levels within eight weeks. This can be explained by the fact that lowering the tress also affects eating habits. It’s easier to make a lifestyle change.”

Dr. Fuerst stresses that the app is safe for children’s use too, although it is advisable to adapt the profile to the user for maximum efficiency.

“Using the app once a day to create a preventive effect,” Dr. Fuerst says, “and in addition one should it at any moment of stress during the day, for example before a test or before an important meeting.”

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