New App Aims to Improve Ride Share Industry Safety Features

Uber and Rideshare Services are changing the face of modern transportation.

Safe Drive App is a recently launched app that has been developed to improve safety features of Ride Share services including Uber and RideShare, which has been an area of a concern for many ride share service users. The app has been developed over the past year by a group of engineers and 1st Site. The app uses a revolutionary patent pending technology to provide a sophisticated transportation service which coupled with the quick service, GPS tracking, and the ability to pay electronically to make the service more convenient and much safer for passengers and drivers

The services companies such as Uber and RideShare provide has changed the way Americans are traveling, by providing a more convenient and cheaper substitute to hiring a taxi the growth of the ride sharing companies and the industry has become a worldwide phenomenon. Where the service has its many benefits such as taking of teenage drivers on the road, there have also been a fair share of safety concerns for the passengers.

After some highly controversial incidents were reported by customers and drivers, the safety features of the ride sharing services have come into fire. There have been instances of theft, kidnap, and rape reported in Texas, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Seattle, and New York for example. Drivers are also the subject of poor behavior or illicit activity at the hands of their passengers. Recent reports of driver robbery, assault, and false accusations against them have been on the rise.

However Safe Drive app hopes to provide a solution for this problem by the implementation of Safe Drive technology.
The app will be offering the following features:

- The ability to book car service in any city or country identify the driver and vehicle that will be picking them up in advance,
- The ability to submit a photo or video stream for the driver to identify them for pick up.
- A one touch/voice connection to 911 in case of emergency.
- Shut off blocker to prevent the phone from being turned off without pass-code.
- Airport pickup service (No need for posters with this app).
- GPS tracking.

“We are confident that the competitive cost of our system and the superior operating capacities along with the customization of any company’s custom needs that it provides will quickly make it a leading app in the passenger transportation industry.” – Safe Drive spokesperson.

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