New Announcement from CDC Reveals Plan to Alter Ineffective Flu Vaccine

Biomazing has released a new report highlighting a recent announcement from the CDC, which revealed their plan to modify the previously ineffective flu vaccine. Learn more on the topic here.

Biomazing released a report today bringing attention to a new announcement made by the CDC about the government’s decision to overhaul the existing flu vaccine to include the most popular strands in circulation. While the CDC attempts to right a wrong that left millions of people exposed during the past flu season, people should still be reminded that the vaccine could have yet another hiccup in the upcoming flu season.

In speaking about the widely-publicized ineffectiveness of last year’s vaccine, Lynnette Brammer, an epidemiologist for the CDC, “The problem is that last year, no one saw until summer that the H3N2 strain would be predominate. Work on the vaccine begun in February, but the strain came on so fast there wasn’t time for it to be included in the vaccine.” As a direct consequence of the sudden mutation, flu shots were only 18.6 percent effective against the most powerful strain of the flu virus.

Biomazing wants to use this opportunity to remind health-oriented individuals that they can never be 100% sure that the vaccine will protect against airborne viruses, because these bacteria continuously mutate into completely different and immune strands of the same virus.

When asked about this announcement, Ian Grant, a representative for Biomazing, replied “People need to remember that the flu vaccine isn’t their only option for staying healthy and, contrary to popular belief, isn’t even necessary for many individuals. On top of that, it can cause much more harm than good for many healthy individuals.

By releasing this report, Biomazing hopes to shed light on this often overlooked aspect of the health industry.

The report can be downloaded free at…. While reviewing this, readers are invited to take full advantage of all information available on the company site.

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