New Alternative to Orthodontics Braces Now Available in Orem Utah

TMJ Sleep Center, under the direction of Dr. Michael Bennett, has recently added an innovative alternative to orthodontic braces, with the addition of a Myobrace program for children who will likely need orthodontia.

TMJ Sleep Center in Orem, UT is adding a new service. Myobrace is a new alternative to orthodontic braces.

As of March 2016, TMJ began offering their customers Myobrace, a program and orthodontic appliance designed to reshape and realign the teeth and jaw as well as retrain the tongue to behave properly. These efforts reinforce each other help teeth and jaws retain the changes, reducing or eliminating the need for retainers after the process is complete. The orthodontic industry is just beginning to adapt to new findings about how poor jaw growth is a large cause of crooked teeth. How the tongue swallows and rests even affect jaw growth.

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Myobrace is based on research done for over two decades by Myofunctional Research Company. There are less than 30 centers in the world that offer Myobrace services. Dr. Michael Bennett described some of the benefits of the additional benefits of the Myobrace program, aside from the correction and prevention of crooked teeth:

“We are trained to identify growth problems at an early age, before braces are recommended. In order to develop naturally and correctly, we have found that a child must be able to breathe well through their nose, swallow correctly, get reparative sleep, among other things. Parents whose children have been under our care have told us that their children perform better in school, are more stable emotionally, can concentrate longer, are better athletes, and are happier in general. Last but not least, we are able to provide these benefits with less drain on the family’s finances.”

TMJ Sleep Center operates in Orem, UT, under the direction of Dr. Michael Bennett. He specializes in sleep problems and jaw problems, including Temporomandibular Joint syndrome (TMJ). TMJ Sleep Center has been in operation since 2011, and Dr. Bennett has been obtaining supplementary experience and education on mouth-related breathing difficulties and jaw pain since he graduated with his D.D.S. in 1999.

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