New algorithm gets companies to the top of search.

A newly tested set of techniques can help companies get to the top of search engines. USASEO has worked out some of the guesswork and can effectively get your company to the top of Google and others. Get a Free Audit and start today.

A burgeoning company has reverse engineered some of the logic in the deep mining that major search engines employ to rank companies within the search engine ranking positions (SERPs).

According to, “…the techniques are not new, but just a hybrid combination of a well-known group of approaches that are tried and true.”

According to the company spokesperson, Ray King: “After so many private and public experiments, it is evident that there is a way, a strategy, a set of techniques that make search engines love you. Of course, it’s not an overnight thing, but a long term strategy to grow your website as you grow your business.”

When pressed on the various strategies, King just followed up with, “Well, those systems are all available to those who do the homework. Our clients don’t have time to do the digging, testing, content creation and social media work. It’s just not their game. They want leads, sales, and ROI. That’s what we aim to deliver – results.”

Upon looking into this world of Search Engine Optimization or “SEO” as it is called, we found a gamut of both legit and somewhat shady services offering the “we’ll get you to the top of Google” promise. Most of us know by now, that’s tough.

King says the vetting goes both ways and a client has to be in it for the long run, “What we’re looking for is a client who knows his business. Like, really knows it. It gives us a good chance to structure, build, promote and market them in a way that brings gradual growth and not a bunch of fluff that dies down over a few months because no one had the foresight for sustainability.”

From what we discovered, the way to get to the top is a combination of a good website, a product or service that people want, flawless execution, and a business ethic that values customer service and a desire to over-deliver on the expectations set. This set of values triggers a combination of follow-up work, referrals and online reviews that can deliver a boost to your business. Research has shown that purchasing decisions are increasingly being influenced by word-of-mouth referrals or in many cases by the reviews old business clients and customers leave online.

Even if the charismatic King delivers what he claims, I asked him if some significant modification in the search methodologies could hamper his company’s ability to keep up with the changes?

He replied: ” It’s funny because it’s almost like the Googles and Yahoos react to the forward-thinking that the SEO industry does and that in effect makes it easier in some ways because the community thinks much like the people who are trying to keep the playing field level, which makes it so.”

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