New Affordable Electric Mountain Bike Burleigh Heads Gold Coast

Smartmotion’s design and production team has grown, along with its sales around the world. With a focus on innovation, performance and affordability the proud New Zealand design team continue to evolve this clean transport technology, changing the lives of everyday people around the globe.

Smartmotion Australia releases their new HyperSonic Electric Mountain Bike. Individuals that are keen to find out more about these ebikes can view the full article.

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According to Smartmotion, electric bikes are designed to make riding a bike fun! Their e-bikes are built tough, rugged and reliable with long-range batteries to make pedalling easy. Ideal for the Australian environment, Smartmotion electric bikes are New Zealand designed and are the number one selling electric bike brand in New Zealand.

Smartmotion Electric Bikes have been recommended by CHOICE MAGAZINE and RIDE ON MAGAZINE, plus they have received global recognition with a Best Value Award in the UK.

Something Smartmotion pride themselves on is for individuals to purchase an e-bike online at, and have the ability to collect the bike from the nearest local dealer with complete assembly and full demonstration, so it is ready to ride.

Ian Legarth the CEO of Smartmotion Electric Bikes said that “we stand by our product offering a free warranty service with any Smartmotion dealer anywhere in Australia at your first 200 kilometre.”

One of Smartmotion’s latest releases is the HyperSonic electric mountain bike. The HyperSonic is Smartmotion’s first full suspension mid-drive eBike, which gives a plush ride, allowing individuals to attack the track and glide over bumps.

Some of the features that make the HyperSonic stand out are:

Plus Size Wheels: The HyperSonic runs 27.5×2.6” Schwalbe Smart Sam tires fitted to a 35mm wide rim to effortlessly roll over any obstacle.

10 Speed Drive: A 10 speed SRAM drivetrain combined with a powerful Max drive mid motor and shift sensors allows you to climb through gears smoothly.

Colour LCD: Tune your riding experience with Smartmotion’s new full color LCD with cadence meter to help you always pick the correct gear to optimise the motor performance.

Thumb Throttle: The thumb throttle gives you that extra boost as you require to get up that hill, through that stream, or get going just a bit quicker.

Mid Drive Motor: The Bafang MaxDrive has built in torque and cadence sensors which multiplies your pedal power to give a smooth superhuman ride and much, much more.

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