New Advances in Dust-Free Hardwood Floor Sanding and Refinishing

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New dust catching and removal machine developed by Deep Reflections Floor Company of Dallas Texas captures dust and aggregate caused by sanding hardwood floors.

Dallas, Texas Any homeowner who’s ever had to refinish hardwood floors in their home knows that it can become a nightmare. It’s dirty, dusty, and messy, and interrupts the everyday flow of their life for days, or even weeks.

Deep Reflections Floor Co. has recently custom built a cutting-edge solution that eliminates even the most microscopic dust particles and allergens called the “Deep Reflections Containment System”. A hardwood floor can now be sanded and refinished with barely a speck of dust to be found.

Many companies are still clinging to the old ways of sanders that create a lot of waste material during the refinishing process. With new “breathe smart” technologies, there never has to be trips to the doctor for antihistamines and decongestants when having new hardwood floors installed or sanded.

Deep Reflections Flooring New Dust Free Floor Sanding equipment ensures that the dust and micro-particles created while floors are being redone is automatically vacuumed away into a containment vehicle parked outside the home where it waits to be hauled away for proper disposal.

Deep Reflections leaves a home cleaner than when it began, and this new equipment guarantees that it collects 99.8% of the available dust in any home.

The Benefits of Deep Reflections new Dust Free technology include:

· No need to leave home for sanding or installation

· No airborne debris, or particles

· No need to remove pets

· Does not find its way into existing ventilation system

· Dustless environments make the best surface for a smooth finish on new flooring

“Not only does this new technique allow refinishing jobs to be performed in a clean environment, but it protects the client’s health and that of their family and pets. Plus, they don’t have to move out while a floor is being sanded.” said Joe Robbins.

Combine the health benefits, safety of the environment and taking advantage of tax codes regarding home improvements and this service becomes more desirable for today’s homeowners looking to take advantage of any means to help offset expenses for home upgrades.

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