Nevada Solar Power Energy Independence Guide For Homeowners Launched

Green Solar Newswire, a leading provider of solar power information and advice, has launched a new guide aimed at homeowners interested in becoming energy independent.

Green Solar Newswire, a leading specialist provider of solar power information and advice based in Nevada, has launched a new guide aimed at homeowners who are interested in becoming energy independent.

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The newly launched guide, which focuses on becoming energy independent, offers practical insights and actionable tips for homeowners. The guide begins by explaining the fact that many utility companies have a monopoly over the energy sources available and therefore control the pricing.

In addition, many households suffer power outages with little to no consequences for the utility provider. Green Solar Newswire states that during 2008 and 2017, over 11.5 million homes were affected by power outages in the state of Texas alone.

Furthermore, utility companies foster dependency on their grid and fossil fuel resources. Consumers and the general public are led to believe there is no other choice – no alternative types of energy available.

Solar energy is just one option for homeowners interested in becoming energy independent. It is ideally suited to people living in states with high levels of sunshine, such as Texas, California, and Florida.

In some states, utility companies are beginning to realize the potential of solar power and are trying to mass produce it as an alternative energy source. Many homeowners have the potential to produce their own solar power and eliminate their dependence on costly utility companies.

The expert team behind Green Solar Newswire argue there are many benefits to switching to solar energy, including the fact it is a renewable energy source, which means it will not run out like other fossil fuels are destined to.

Additionally, it is available in abundance meaning there are no restrictions to access, and it is sustainable, which means the supply will not be compromised in the future. It is environmentally friendly and can help to achieve green goals as many organizations and households look to increase their green credentials.

A company spokesperson said: “Homeowners have a real opportunity to reduce their reliance on utility companies. Solar energy panels are an investment – aside from saving money now and in the future, they may also increase the value of the property.”

“The demand for this kind of energy independence is increasing year-on-year and is a trend we expect to continue,” they added.

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