Nevada Appliance Services Company Highlights Commercial Refrigeration Solutions

Las Vegas, Nevada based Appliance Doctor remains committed to keeping Vegas and Clark County area commercial refrigeration clients’ products cool and fresh.

Appliance Doctor Appliance Repair Services, a Nevada-based business bringing more than 15 years of experience to its roster of loyal customers, has been highlighting its proficient and professional refrigeration solutions for commercial clients, the company remaining committed to keeping their products cool and fresh. From repairs to maintenance, Appliance Doctor’s certified technicians are capable of handling all refrigeration needs, understanding the importance of having a reliable walk-in cooler or reach-in freezer in restaurants, groceries, bake shops and even flower shops.

“When refrigeration equipment is not working up to spec—or at all – commercial operations need it fixed right away to avoid lost product, or worse, lost business and upset customers,” explains an Appliance Doctor company spokesperson. “That’s where Appliance Doctor comes in, bringing with us a team that’s fast, efficient and always passionate about getting the job done right…the first time.

“When a faulty refrigeration system is interrupting our commercial clients’ business, they turn to our professionally trained technicians immediately, trusting in their experience and ability to resolve any refrigeration issue – whether it’s loudly-running equipment, temperature fluctuations, ice/frost forming or lighting problems.”

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Appliance Doctor offers repair, maintenance and installation of just about all brands and models of meat cases, vegetable cases, walk-in freezers, walk-in coolers, reach-in boxes, delicatessen cases, cuber and flaker ice machines, frozen food cases, beverage cases and floral displays.

According to research culled by Appliance Doctor representatives, the U.S. Department of Agriculture notes the importance of refrigeration in limiting the growth of bacteria, as these microorganisms can have a serious negative impact on the quality and safety of food in a restaurant, food service and grocery environment. To this end, Appliance Doctor stresses to commercial clients that regular maintenance is essential, and that scheduling this routine maintenance for refrigeration equipment can provide accurate information on its current condition and performance.

Because refrigeration methods are regularly evolving and improving, Appliance Doctor always recommends commercial institutions make sure they employ the most advanced and energy-efficient equipment, whether it’s for a restaurant, grocery or other food service enterprise. By upgrading to a cutting-edge system that incorporates commercial HVAC and refrigeration units, say Appliance Doctor reps, owners of food service businesses can ensure the most comfortable indoor temperatures and the best protection of perishable goods.

Additionally, Appliance Doctor refrigeration specialists offer recommendations – based on U.S. Food and Drug Administration guidelines – regarding safe temperatures for refrigerated and frozen foods, the company regularly explaining to commercial clients that these same guidelines can help their company determine safe thermostat settings for coolers and freezers. By checking thermostats to ensure accuracy, owners of commercial institutions dealing with food preparation can avoid a wide range of issues associated with commercial equipment.

Appliance Doctor is licensed and insured to work in the state of Nevada, and has been doing business and providing repairs to members of its community since the business’ inception, offering, in addition to refrigeration assistance, appliance repair, general refrigerator repair, washer & dryer repair, dishwasher repair and more.

The company is located at 7106 Rusty Nail Way, Las Vegas, Nevada and can be reached by calling (702) 462-8408. For more information visit the above cited website.

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