Neuroscience & AI eLearning Educational Chatbot Design Workshop Announced

Learningtogo, Inc. announced that the “Chatbot Revolution: Merging Neuroscience and AI for a New Way of Learning” workshop will take place on January 14th, 2020. The workshop is dedicated to helping participants apply brain science to learning, training, education, and leadership.

Learningtogo, Inc. announced that seats are now available for the “Chatbot Revolution: Merging Neuroscience and AI for a New Way of Learning” workshop which will take place on January 14th, 2020. For the first time, this workshop combines neuroscience with eLearning to create educational chatbots.

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According to Learningtogo, Inc., seats are available now for the one-day only online workshop, “Chatbot Revolution: Merging Neuroscience and AI for a New Way of Learning”.

The event will bring together two leading experts in neuroscience, adult learning and education. Margie Meacham aka “the Brain Lady”, and Joe Ganci, also known as “eLearning Joe”, will join forces to bring the chatbot revolution to education and corporate training.

Meacham and Ganci will give a live online workshop on building educational chatbots, explaining how the brain responds to a conversation with an intelligent machine, all while applying the concepts of AI, machine learning and neuroscience.

In the course, participants will use “whiteboarding” techniques to envision how the chatbot will work and they will download free, easy-to-use tools to develop their first bot. By the end of the day, they will know how to plan, design and build a working prototype.

Specifically, participants will know how to select the best low-cost programming tools to build their first bot, how to define the purpose, skills, cadence and tone that their chatbot will use to communicate with the audience, how to plan, build and test their chatbot, and how to publish the bot on a public website.

As this is a unique opportunity to learn from two leading experts, the limited seats are expected to sell out quickly. The first 50 registrants will receive an advance copy of Meacham and Ganci’s new book, “Chatbot Revolution”, which will be released in early 2020.

Joe Ganci said: “Implementing a chatbot in your organization can seem like a complicated and expensive endeavor – especially for your first time. With this workshop we take you step-by-step through the process and provide access to personal coaching along the way.”

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