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Full-service digital marketing agency, Neural Experience (NX) is updating its neuroscience-based solutions to include an NX Brand Analysis service. Business owners can use this service to understand why their market share is stagnant, overall conversion rates are underperforming, and why target audience engagement is low.

Integrating neurobiology into a brand’s digital touch points produces a more human experience that increases customer engagement and buy-in. Specialized neuromarketing agency, Neural Experience (NX) is now helping more company owners and brand managers access the benefits of neurobiologically optimized digital marketing approaches to identify problems in their current efforts and learn about the opportunities they have to improve performances.

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In collaboration with a well-regarded neurology expert, NX cofounders Jerry Nihen, founder of Jay Nine, Inc., and David Baur-Ray are helping today’s business owners and brand managers optimize their customers’ buying journeys with integrated neuromarketing strategies. Those struggling to gain market share, increase conversions, improve campaign performances, or launch a new product with maximized levels of targeted precision can apply for an NX Brand Analysis via the company’s website.

Using brand engagement neuroscience, the NX brand strategy analysis helps business owners understand how to cultivate a passionate culture around their products or services. The experts at NX can then help increase ad campaign, website, and social media engagement and position their clients as authorities within their sector.

NX analysis shortens sales cycles, improves customer service, and increases desired conversions. It guides business owners in the development of more effective UI/UX website navigation and content, so these elements complement the way the human mind works. This means brands are finessed to provide information that resonates with potential customers on a subconscious level.

Every company seeks to build a better rate of engagement with their customers, yet few understand how to create a biological change within their target audiences’ neurobiology to drive this engagement and boost sales. NX fills the gap with their proprietary NX analysis brand strategy. The company integrates a team of neuromarketing experts, brand creators, copywriters, website, and software developers to create a biologically optimized brand-aligned user experience.

A recent client says, “Indispensable is one of the many words that come to mind when I describe the services NX brings. I’ve been with them for three years and can say, without hesitation, that they have made such a difference. They are a true renaissance company in web marketing and SEO.”

With their expanded neuromarketing services to include a complimentary NX brand analysis, the experts at Neural Experience are helping today’s business owners create a more human-centered approach to the art of successful, multi-platform marketing.

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