NetSuite Sales Order and Order-to-Cash Automation Announced by EchoVera

A Sales Order and Order to Cash Automation platform for NetSuite has been announced by EchoVera.

EchoVera, a service provider of sales order and invoice processing for NetSuite, has announced a Sales Order and Order-to-Cash automation solution for companies wanting to optimize their NetSuite order to cash process flow.

EchoVera’s sales order automation platform for NetSuite is in the cloud and integrates with NetSuite seamlessly. No application installs, infrastructure costs or process changes are required in order to implement the solution.

A sales order management system can make a big difference to how companies perform sales order fulfillment. That’s because sales order processing and order-to-cash processing is often a manual process that takes up time and resources. Errors in manual handling and slow order fulfillment can make a big impact on both customer relationships and the company’s overall cashflow.

Sales order processing automation for NetSuite is order-to-cash software that gives companies the ability to move away from paper, fax and the manual data entry of emailed purchase and sales orders. Validated orders are processed directly into NetSuite ready for fulfilment.

“More companies are coming to realize the value of sales order automation,” said Ralf Leitner, CEO of EchoVera, “and as a result they experience a reduction in days outstanding and improved customer service. Automation speeds up the invoice to cash process and reduces order cycle times.”

The EchoVera advanced order management solution solves a lot of the problems that come with manual processes. Customers who send their sales orders by email are given a specific email address that has been assigned to process their orders. Sales order capture technology maps the data directly from the PDF (or Word, XML, Excel, EDI) file, validates it, and then makes it available to NetSuite for processing.

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