Netonline Media Announces Launch of New Video Marketing Service: 13 August 2015

Netonline Media announced the launch of a new video marketing service beginning 13 August 2015. More information can be found at

Customers looking for video marketing services will soon be able to get involved with Netonline Media. Today Isaiah Bizabani, Co-Founder at Netonline Media released details of the launch of Netonline Media’s new Video Marketing Service:

The new video marketing service is designed to appeal specifically to Local businesses and small business startups and includes:

Automated Video submission. – This feature was included as part of the service because it automates video submission to 10 video hosting platforms and 3 social network platforms.. This is great news for small and startup business owners because it takes away the tedious proccess of manually uploading videos to the many video platforms.

Video Syndication – The video syndication feature was also included for the purpose of creating backlinks to the uploaded videos.. Customers who invest in the service should enjoy this feature because Links pointing back to the uploaded videos will help boost rankings. .

Rapid Indexing/RSS Feeds – Netonline Media made sure to include this part of the new video marketing service so that syndicated links will be indexed on major search engines. The indexed links will then be combined into an RSS Feed. Customers are likely going to appreciate this because the syndicated inks will be submmitted to over 2500 indexing sites, then converted into RSS Feeds which will then be pinged for greater offsite SEO.

Isaiah Bizabani, when asked about the new video marketing service Service said:

“Video marketing will support small businesses grow. The New Video Marketing Strategy is capable of driving massive traffic instantly.”

This is the latest offering from Netonline Media and Isaiah Bizabani is particularly excited about this launch because Netonline Media has been working on this strategy for six months and finally all the pieces are in place..

Those interested in learning more about Netonline Media’s new video marketing service can do so on the website at

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