Netherlands KPI Dashboard Data Analytics Business Intelligence Demo Launched

Data Analytics, a business intelligence company in Netherlands has launched a KPI Demo Dashboard for companies who want to use a KPI Dashboard to monitor, track and analyse their data.

Data Analytics, business intelligence and big data experts in Netherlands, have launched a test demo KPI dashboard which allows businesses to gain valuable insights from their data.

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Data Analytics provides simple and shareable KPI Dashboards that will save businesses time and effort, and ultimately improve performance and results. The company has launched a new KPI dashboard demo for all industries, departments, and sectors. It can be used to test whether a KPI dashboard can reveal insights that can help businesses achieve their goals efficiently.

With over 15 years of experience in data analysis, business intelligence and big data solutions, Data Analytics creates products that present clear links between data to help companies make informed decisions. They also support and advise organisations on a range of projects including business intelligence project management, secondment and consultancy.

Their services can help companies track crucial data that can influence business decisions around purchasing, logistics, financial assessment, customer contact and staff management.

A KPI dashboard is a great tool that helps companies measure and improve their performance indicators. Large and powerful organisations including Deloitte, Philips and Action have benefited from using Data Analytics’ smart and flexible KPI Dashboard.

Companies can organise and view their performance reports in one place using a KPI Dashboard. The data is presented in visual graphs and tables, which can aid understanding at a glance. The KPI dashboard can also be easily shared with colleagues, clients or suppliers with a click.

Moreover, they are customised and effectively link the KPIs across different systems and data sources, whether that is sales, finance, or online marketing.

It will be linked to some of the company’s data sources so that customers can gain real-time insights from the Dashboard. Customers can be assured that their data is secured to the highest possible level.

They also offer business intelligence dashboard across all branches and departments so that they may be linked and organised better. Some types of business intelligence dashboards include finance dashboard, marketing dashboard, sales dashboard, warehouse dashboard, process dashboard and Zendesk dashboard.

To test the simplicity and convenience of the KPI dashboard, ill the contact form at the URL above to try the Demo Dashboard.

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