Net Pay Advance Appoints Digital Content Specialist to Create Customer Resources

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Anna Thakur is joining the Net Pay Advance team to create educational finance resources for customers. She's excited to help make personal finance an easier subject for local families.

The Net Pay Advance Inc. family has a new addition! Anna Thakur recently joined the team as the company’s Digital Content Specialist. She is tasked with creating content for their website, email campaigns, flyers, and social media handles.

Thakur brings to the table four of years of Marketing and Content creating experience. Before joining Net Pay Advance, Thakur gained writing experience while working in financial services and automotive sales. She has created content for fashion websites and worked with individual clients from various industries while employed at a marketing agency.

Thakur earned her Master of Business Administration degree at Pittsburg State University. During this time, she gained knowledge and understanding of how businesses work. She also gained a lifelong passion for content writing.

Thakur believes that, “Words are powerful. And they make an impact.” Her love for writing began at an early age when she was issued the wrong book at a library. It was “The Diary of a Young Girl” by Anne Frank. She was completely enraptured by how a teenaged Anne made eloquent diary entries during one of the worst times in history as her family was in hiding. Thakur describes the book as a true testament to the spirit of a brave young girl. That book went on to become a driving force in Thakur’s life.

An avid reader, Thakur went on to read the classics, contemporary fiction, fantasy, and romance novels, all the way into adulthood. “Books made my life so much more interesting”, says Thakur as she recalls her childhood as a student. She believes that reading and writing are closely related. And further adds that most writers are passionate readers themselves.

Apart from writing, Thakur loves working in Marketing. She is passionate about social media and engaging with customers through digital platforms.

Thakur’s goal is to simplify financial information so that anyone can understand it. This aligns perfectly with Net Pay Advance’s goal of providing financial tools and information to customers. Ariel Westphal, the Marketing Director at Net Pay Advance, outlines the team’s goals, “Ultimately, there’s a need for our products. But we want to provide our customers with more than just financial tools. We want them to gain information that can help them far down the road.”

Thakur opines that a lack of financial education prohibits individuals from having power over their finances. Having the right tools, resources, and information can empower a whole generation of people to be financially responsible.

There are people that struggle financially from time to time. Thakur is aware of it and strongly believes that Net Pay Advance provides a service that helps people when life happens. Net Pay Advance assists with unexpected bills and expenses. She views her role as a great opportunity to bring financial insights to the average family.

When asked about her new role, Thakur had this to say:

“Families struggle from time to time. It’s more normal than we think… The goal is for everyone to have access to resources and help families improve their financial health. Talking about money can feel complicated. I want to make it an easier subject.”

Thakur appreciates Net Pay Advance’s take on customer experience and financial awareness. She enjoys working with the team and likes to learn new things. Thakur responds to online reviews and acknowledges customer input and feedback as part of her job. She believes that the customer is the best critic. She writes according to the customers’ needs and questions.

Thakur writes weekly and finds topics that customers are interested in or asking about. She’s providing the insight consumers want and need. Sometimes she discusses budgeting tips, credit best practices, or life hacks. Other times, she’s introducing other members of the Net Pay Advance team. It just depends on what’s needed.

Although Thakur only recently joined the team, she’s already made a positive impact. Westphal had this to say about the new hire, “Thakur’s kind and caring personality shines through in her articles. She’s got a passion for helping others, and an inquisitive nature to challenge the norm and think outside of the box. We’re excited to see Thakur grow with the team.”

Net Pay Advance is a personal loan provider serving customers in Kansas, Texas, and California. Thakur is a great fit for the company in her role as the Digital Content Specialist. She is thrilled to work in areas she enjoys and help make a difference in the lives of people.

For over 13 years, Net Pay Advance has continued to grow and help support customers. They’ve provided families with the financial support they need. Whether a family is facing an emergency expense, or avoiding a late fee, Net Pay Advance is there to help!

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