Nerger’s Auto Express Reports Car Breakdowns in Storms Share Common Trait

Bound Brook, NJ-based auto shop had dozens of cars towed in for service during 2022 winter storms, notes they all lack regular preventative maintenance

Nerger’s Auto Express, a Bound Brook, New Jersey family-owned and operated auto repair shop had dozens of cars towed in for repair during the recent winter storms impacting the East Coast. However, it didn’t take long for Brian Nerger, Owner and Manager of Nerger’s Auto Express to notice that they all shared a common trait.

“None of the cars that were towed in during the storms had any record of preventative maintenance and no record of undergoing safety checks. By contrast, we didn’t have to service a single vehicle that had gone through our free digital wellness report. It underscores the fact that routine, preventative maintenance and expedient repairs are essential. Routine maintenance stops potentially troublesome issues in their tracks. This plays a crucial role in keeping owners and passengers safe, particularly when ice and snow accumulate,” Nerger said.

“We began providing free digital car wellness reports in 2019 for all of our customers. The free report includes a 52-point digital inspection report that is emailed or texted to each customer,” says Nerger. “The reports are extremely easy to understand. Each item is marked with green, yellow, or red. All green items are in excellent working condition. Items in yellow should be serviced soon, and any items noted in red need immediate repair. I am proud that out of the thousands of customers who have received these complementary reports, none of them experienced car trouble during the freezing temps, ice, and snow we’ve had in January and February,” Nerger explains.

When it comes to preventing breakdowns, Nerger says that owners should think of the health of their car, the same way they think of their personal health. “Most people see the doctor every year, even if they are not sick. That’s because small items of concern can be caught and treated early on before they have the chance to develop into a more serious, or chronic condition. If you see a doctor, and they say you have high cholesterol, they provide you with treatments and recommendations for lowering it. The same is true of vehicles. By taking your car in for a wellness check, and routine maintenance, you can treat small problems before they get worse. You can also save a small fortune by fixing minor issues before they have time to worsen or impact other parts and systems in the vehicle.”

As a locally owned and operated auto repair shop serving Somerset County for more than 30 years, Nerger says his company is always looking for ways to help keep its customers and neighbors safe. “We are very invested in prevention and education. We strive to keep our customers on regular maintenance schedules and educate them at every visit. To be able to keep our customers informed, we invest, in our own education and technology.”

For example, Nerger’s has earned ASE Certification, AAA-approved repair shop status, and is a designated NAPA AutoCare Century. Nerger’s Auto Express also boasts an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. The auto repair shop has also made significant investments in technology, including the software they use to provide customers with their free digital wellness report. Other technological investments include online bill pay for customers, and predictive service tracking systems for vehicles.

Nerger hopes that more car and truck owners will embrace prevention as the best strategy for extending the life of each vehicle. “Cars today are built to last, but that doesn’t mean you can ignore them until you break down in a winter storm. With minimal effort, and reasonable costs, you can ensure your vehicle continues running well, no matter what Mother Nature throws at New Jersey,” he said.

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