NEKO Partners INC Brings AI-Based News Data Algorithm To Help Financial Market

New York-based NEKO PARTNERS INC. has developed a system that extracts named entities through the use of AI and converts unstructured news data.

In order for investors to hold their dominance in the current market, their ability to instantly grasp the factors that lead to market fluctuations becomes crucial. However, due to the sheer amount of news, such a task is extremely difficult. NEKO PARTNERS INC, will solve this issue faced by investors through the utilization of their proprietary technology. They are to provide super-low latency delivery of crucial information that has been extracted via an algorithm from the entirety of the varying news sources.

This all new RPA technology-based system detects named entities via an algorithm from the massive amount of news being uploaded over the internet that influence the financial market.

The board members and advisors of NEKO PARTNERS INC, are all expert professionals that have been active in the frontlines of the financial market. They include former traders from Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley, a former advisor to the Soros Fund, a former managing director of the Japan Branch of Houlihan Lokey, and a hedge fund owner who was a consultant at Nasdaq Dubai.

The founder, Mr. USHIO SUGAWARA, is an active investor/critic in Japan, with numerous publications of his books and a weekly magazine serial regarding the economy.


As a precursor to worldwide expansion, NEKO PARTNERS INC, plans to first launch their services in Japan, and then deploy out to the US, Europe and other Asian countries. Their services vary widely. Included are analysis of corporate action data of companies from throughout the world extracted via their proprietary algorithm, which will be delivered to their members instantly, as well as provision of reports from their affiliated analysts, market analysis, and training services for the purpose of improving investment literacy.

The contents of services will be supplemented as needed, and there are plans to establish a fund and/or broker financial products in the future.

Mr. USHIO SUGAWARA, the Chief Executive Officer, states that the purpose of NEKO PARTNERS INC, is to “Solve the information asymmetry problem in the financial market and train/develop investors.” More details can be found at:

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