NECA Education Announces New Electrical Training Courses

In an effort to improve the electrical industry, NECA Education is now offering courses for electrical apprentices and licensed electricians, according to

To meet the growing demand for qualified electricians in Australia's construction and telecommunications industries, NECA Education and Careers has announced new courses to support their electrical apprenticeship programs as well as providing professional development for licensed electricians. One of the most popular new courses is Structured and Coaxial Cabling for students who are seeking an open cabling licence, according to spokesperson Kelly Burns.

"We've seen a lot of growth in the area of data and communications," noted Burns, "and there is a high demand right now for qualified cablers. Businesses can't survive without the internet nowadays, and many rely on complex systems involving servers, work stations, telephones, and security systems. All of that cable has to be installed by a licensed cabler. We were already offering an Open Registration course that prepares students to install phone and security system cabling, but in order to install data cables, they needed more specialized coursework. So that's why we opened the additional course on structured and coaxial cabling."

The course will cover the fundamentals of coaxial cable for radio frequency transmission, integrated voice and data systems, connecting and terminating cables, and testing coaxial cables, among other topics. The course is designed for students who have already completed the Open Registration course. Thus, in order to register for the course, students should have their Open Cabler registration card or have completed a series of courses specified on NECA Educations's website.

Students who are interested in ramsden training or getting an austel licence can sign up for the 40-hour course offered evenings and weekends beginning in July. "Since many of our students are working full days in apprenticeships," explained Burns, "the majority of our class schedules accommodate regular daytime working hours."

Other new offerings from NECA Education include a range of short safety courses specific to the electrical industry, such as CPR and Low Voltage Rescue and Occupational Health and Safety Management. "Our safety courses are updated regularly," said Burns, "in order to keep up with industry standards." The CPR/LVR course, a one-day class, is aimed at anyone who is working in an environment where there is a risk of electrical shock.

Students can learn emergency measures to take if a coworker receives a low-voltage shock. The two-day OHS course is designed for managers or supervisors in the electrotechnology industry who have the responsibility for ensuring that their workplace is safe and in compliance with OHS regulations.

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Established in 1992, NECA Education and Careers assists job seekers, employers, and students in fulfilling their needs and aspirations. The organization offers apprenticeships and traineeships in Victoria and/or Tasmania in a range of vocational fields including electrical, business administration, information technology, manufacturing, and horticulture. As a Registered Training Organization for the electrical industry, NECA works with pre-apprentices, apprentices, trainees and qualified electricians who need to develop or update their skills. In addition, the organization works with employers to provide training and apprenticeship opportunities for their students and to support their students throughout the training period.

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