Natural Vitamin Supplement For ED/Low Male Libido – Maca Root Tablets Launched

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HARD DIQ, a dietary supplement company specializing in proprietary herbal blends for aiding healthy male libido, has launched a new product in its online store. The DIQ range contains 30 tablets for customers to use throughout the day.

The newly announced product is the company’s latest venture into the sexual dysfunction space. It can help men manage both the physical and emotional factors that contribute to erectile dysfunction (ED) and low libido.

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Industry data shows that sexual dysfunction affects an average of 31% of men across the US. Low libido can be caused by several factors, ranging from stress to depression. By taking the DIQ supplement, customers can reduce the likelihood of ED.

By the age of 40, around 50% of American men experience ED. Contributing factors include smoking, consuming too much alcohol, and lack of consistent exercise.

HARD DIQ aims to combat this with the launch of the new product line, which is available to order today. The tablets have been specifically formulated to increase performance and stamina.

Customers are advised to take two tablets per day as required. The product has been thoroughly tested for efficiency and reliability. Because it’s formulated using 100% natural ingredients, the company stresses that customers do not have to worry about side effects.

The supplement works with a dual-action formula designed to improve blood flow and energy levels. Ingredients include panax ginseng root extract and maca root, which have been linked to healthier blood flow. Customers have said that they saw effective results within two weeks of taking the product.

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The company explains that lack of exercise and a healthy diet means male performance is being impacted at a younger age. Its focus is on addressing libido without toxic side effects, which some other products are known for.

A spokesperson for HARD DIQ states: “We are committed to helping you get the most from your sex life without the risks and dangers of prescription medications for low libido and erectile dysfunction. This is why we formulated DIQ using 100% natural ingredients that have been validated by scientific research and proven to enhance various aspects of sexual health.”

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