Natural Shoe Foot Deodorizer & Disinfectant Spray With Essential Oils Announced

Mbio Apparel announced its foot and shoe deodorant spray made in the USA with a natural formula made of essential oils and no chemicals or GMOs to ensure a disinfectant, refreshing and odor controlling spray for runners, athletes or ‘gym goers’ after a workout.

The popular Mbio Apparel announced its premier Natural Sole Deodorizer Sport Spray, an all-natural shoe and feet deodorant and disinfectant spray effective against germs and bacteria and entirely made in the USA.

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Mbio Apparel is a family owned and operated business of amateur runners providing a wide range of safe, effective and affordable products for jogging fans and athletes along with extensive expert information, guides, advice and tips on running.

The business has announced its 100% natural deodorizer made out of essential oils such as peppermint, tea tree, eucalyptus, rosemary, and more, including no harsh chemicals or GMOs, for an effective disinfectant, refreshing and odor controlling spray on the feet and any kind of shoes after workouts.

The patent pending Natural Sole Foot & Shoe Spray is entirely made in the USA and the compact design of its resistant 4 oz. aluminum bottle is specifically tailored to ensure enhanced convenience and portability for runners, cyclists, dancers or any other kind of athletes.

More information on the Natural Sole Foot & Shoe Spray, its benefits and design or ingredients and kid or pet safety guarantee along with detailed instructions on how to use it for either the feet or shoes as well as multiple user ratings and reviews can be consulted on the website link provided above.

Mbio Apparel explains that “our 100% natural foot deodorant spray is safe to use on feet or any kind of shoes and perfect for runners, cyclists, dancers or people with smelly feet. The natural formula will leave their feet feeling refreshed and the shoes smelling great. The spray is also cruelty free and made in the USA from the purest ingredients. You won’t find any harsh chemicals in our 4 oz. bottles with hundreds of sprays each”.

The business adds that “we not only stand behind everything we sell, we use it ourselves. We are a family that runs together for fun and for great causes and we want our clients to have what they need to meet their running goals because we truly believe that together we can make the world a better place one run at a time”.

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