Natural Pest Control Method Organic Vegetable Sustainable Living Report Launched

A report into natural pest control methods has been launched by the Institute of Ecolonomics. The non profit organisation aims to show that a healthy ecology and a strong economy are essential for a planet that is sustainable.

The Institute of Ecolonomics has launched a new report on natural pest control methods. The Institute of Ecolonomics (IOE) is a non profit organisation whose aim is to show that a symbiotic relationship between a healthy ecology and a strong economy is vital for a sustainable future.

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The IOE carries out world class research, education and demonstration at their Northern Colorado Center for Ecolonomic Excellence and Development (CEED) with sustainable technologies. They provide business development services to entrepreneurs with ideas and concepts that will help support the planet while generating sustainable profits.

One of the aspects of the IOE’s website is to provide reports that provide information and tips for people who wish to live a more sustainable and earth friendly lifestyle. Reports cover subjects such as vegetable growing, organic spring garden planting and maintaining back yard fish ponds.

The latest report provides tips on natural pest control methods. Ideally naturally grown foods should be devoid of harsh chemicals and pesticide residues but pests and insects can become a real challenge for farmers and producers of such foods.

The report continues by saying that there are several alternatives to spraying produce with chemical pesticides that do not harm the environment. Floating row covers can be used to provide a barrier to insects and allow plants to breathe, these are especially effective against cabbage moths. Sticky traps for insects are also effective.

The most important and effective way to discourage insects from a garden’s produce is to keep the garden healthy with a good regime. This consists of using a good organic soil, pilling weeds and weak plants, using seaweed mulch, disinfecting equipment, interplanting and rotation of plants. The introduction of beneficial insects, such as ladybugs, also keeps pest numbers down.

Those wishing to find out more about the IOE can visit the website on the link provided above.

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