Natural Mineral Gout Relief Uric Acid Neutralizer PH Balancing Supplement Launch

Gout Check Plus launched its new proactive gout treatment to naturally reduce uric acid build-up and maintain the condition using a doctor-approved mineral-based formula.

Gout Check Plus, a company providing natural, mineral-based supplements, have launched a new product that helps neutralize uric acid in gout sufferers for maintenance and relief from the condition. The website offers a natural and safe product for the relief of gout.

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The newly announced product has been launched to reduce uric acid levels in the body on a cellular level, in blood plasma and synovial fluid. Research has found the Gout Check Plus formula can be used to neutralize the body’s natural pH, providing relief from gout and digestive discomforts.

Gout is a painful and uncommon form of arthritis, with over 4 million sufferers across the US. It is caused by the build-up of uric acid deposits in the joints, including the hands, arms, feet and knees.

Gout Check Plus uses a granulation process and an active, natural ingredient called Alka-Myte, which stabilizes a compound of potassium hydroxide and other active minerals. This allows the body to accept these otherwise volatile compounds at a cellular level, to reduce uric acid and proactively combat gout.

The Gout Check Plus supplement available through the website has been reviewed by the FDA and the alkalizing formulation has been recognized as a new dietary ingredient.

A natural mineral supplement, the product provides calcium and balances the body’s pH levels in addition to neutralizing uric acid. Maintaining an ideal pH balance in the body can improve overall health, and the product also benefits those with acid indigestion and digestive health issues, as well as improving bone density, oral health, urinary health and athletic performance.

This latest product launch is in line with Gout Check Plus’s commitment to providing long-term, natural solutions and proactive treatments for gout.

A satisfied customer said: “I have been suffering from Gout for the past 5 years. The medication the doctor prescribes has so many side effects, so I looked for an alternate remedy. I started taking Gout Check Plus about a year ago and have not suffered from gout since.”

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