Natural Mineral Based Gout Supplement Foot Joint Pain Relief Caplets Released

Gout Check Plus, a company based in St Louis Missouri, has announced the release of a new natural supplement to assist in treatment of Gout. The supplement relieves joint and foot pain by neutralizing uric acid build up in the body.

St Louis, Missouri based company, Gout Check Plus, has announced the release of a new natural mineral based supplement for the treatment of Gout. The new product is aimed at both men and women suffering from painful and uncomfortable Gout attacks.

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The recent announcement is in line with the companies ethos to provide natural supplements as an alternative to pharmaceutical drug options.

As explained on their website, Gout is an umbrella term that encompasses several conditions, all of which have one symptom in common, which is build up of uric acid on the joints. It most commonly affects the joints in the feet and leads to pain, swelling and reduced range of motion. Gout has a variety of causes including metabolic disorders, dehydration and certain vascular conditions.

According to statistics from the United States, 3.9% of people are effected by the condition, which translates to approximately 9.2 million people.

There are multiple ways of treating Gout including adjusting diet and exercise, using pharmaceutical drugs or natural herb and botanical ingredients. The other option is using Gout Check Plus. This product works to neutralize uric acid build up in the body, hence reducing the build up of uric acid in the joints. Gout Check Plus is safe and effective delivering powerful alkalizing materials to the cells, including potassium, magnesium and calcium.

The company recommends taking two Gout Check Plus caplets per day to keep uric acid levels in the body neutral. The product breaks down the crystallization in the joint and results in less pain and improved range of motion.

A spokesperson for the company said, “The majority of gout sufferers have learned to live with their Gout, and we know you deserve better.”

A satisfied client said, “I have been suffering from Gout for the past 5 years. The medication the doctor prescribes has so many side effects, so I looked for an alternate remedy. I started taking Gout Check Plus about a year ago and have not suffered from gout since.”

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