Natural Lightweight Hair Masque Launched to Restore Dry Or Damaged Hair

Naté Hair Care has launched a new lightweight deep conditioner for all hair types with a combination of natural botanicals to repair dry and damaged hair while restoring it's shine.

New York City based Naté Hair Care has announced the launch of its all natural kaolin clay based lightweight hair masque for all hair types that works to restore shine, volume, and hydration.

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The new hair masque with a unique pacific kelp formulation from Naté Hair Care offers the benefit of a botanical combination that works to naturally nourish hair without using heavy silicones. The conditioner contains no sulfates, phthalates, or other harmful chemicals.

People often look for a deep conditioner based on their hair type and hair treatments like if it is color-safe along with being able to restore dry or damaged hair. Naté Hair Care has launched a deep conditioning hair masque that solves all these problems naturally with a formula made to repair your hair needs while restoring shine and volume.

The Naté Hair masque conditioner uses a blend of aloe vera, pacific kelp, and kaolin clay that targets hair texture by smoothing the outer hair follicle with hydration. This lightweight botanical combination restores hair shine, volume, and movement while enhancing curls or waves

Naté Hair Care developed their conditioner to have a matte texture that makes it easy to apply and distribute throughout hair. It also has a subtle and earthy scent of lavender and lemongrass to make your hair smell fresh and clean.

Customers who purchase one of Naté Hair Care’s masque also receive a complimentary custom made bamboo hairbrush that is made of bamboo and stainless steel that stimulates the scalp while allowing for the gentle distribution of the conditioner throughout your hair.

A very happy customer reviewed:

Best Hair Masque You’ll Ever Use!

I love how this masque makes my hair soft but strong. Shiny but not weighed down or greasy. Its my “Good Hair Day” go to. This is a beauty must have!

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