Natural Home Remedies Website Launched Focusing On Health, Beauty And Lifestyle

What Home Remedies releases information on how its new home remedies site will change things in the natural health space for the better. Further information can be found at

Maryland MD – A local Maryland company What Home Remedies is delighted to announce the launch of their new website which features natural solutions and remedies for a broad range of problems. Split into three separate and distinctive sections, Health, Beauty, and Lifestyle; the company is targeting the huge natural remedies market.

The site is packed full of interesting and innovative home remedies, some of which are many years old, with one common but important factor. All of the ingredients required to utilize these remedies are made from 100 percent natural products found in the home. There is no nasty chemicals, or preservatives in any of the recipes, which gives people lots of confidence when using them on their young children and family members.

“Many people have grave concerns about the various chemicals and long term consequences of modern cleaning products,” said Hollie Hartley, the owner of the site. “ There is a large volume of people who are opposed to using any of these commercial products, for a wide variety of reasons. All of the tips and tricks that we will be posting to the site have been used for many years and handed down from generation to generation. We know they work, we know they are safe, and because they use natural products, we know they are not damaging the environment. As a passionate defender of the environment, I came up with the idea of the website about five years ago, but the planning and implementation took a lot of time. That is why I am so delighted to finally launch the site, and already we are starting to grow a powerful, inclusive community who are loving all of the natural remedies.”

What Home Remedies is a Maryland company, focused on delivering natural solutions and tips to everyday problems. The company is passionate about the environment and against using harsh and dangerous chemicals on a daily basis. They have gathered together a wide range of home remedies, many of which have been in use successfully for decades. If you are interested in reducing your chemical use or searching for a simple solution to a long term problem then visit their website at

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