Natural Hemp Shampoo Bars-Best Hair Shampoo with the Amazing Benefits of Hemp

Naples Soap Company, an online store, announced its launch of hemp shampoo bars for optimum hair health. The bars are infused with hemp seed oil and promote stronger healthier hair that is protected against sun exposure and damage.

Naples Soap Company, an online store based in Fort Meyers, FL, announced the launch of their new collection of shampoo bars containing hemp. The company aims to offer consumers a more natural option for hair care.

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The launch of the new pH-balanced high-concentration hemp shampoo bars comes in response to rising consumer demand for more healthy, natural, and sustainable beauty care products.

Heat products that are used to dry and style hair too often result in dry, brittle, and damaged hair. Sun exposure and over-washing can also leave hair looking dull and unhealthy. The Naples Soap Company has launched pH-safe products to help users combat hair damage as part of their daily hair care regimen.

The company has added hemp seed oil to its shampoo and conditioner bars to produce an intensely hydrating product. This natural ingredient is capable of nourishing the hair and scalp, preventing hair breakage by lubricating the shaft, and optimizing water absorption.

Hemp seed oil contains an omega 6 fatty acid which acts as an anti-inflammatory. Anti-inflammatories promote cell growth and regeneration resulting in a healthier scalp.

Some of the benefits of hemp seed oil include scalp stimulation, hydration, volume optimization, and dry scalp soothing. It is safe and effective for all hair types and does not strip the color or natural oils from hair.

Naples Soap Company hemp-infused bars are vegan, hypoallergenic, cruelty-free, and never tested on animals. As part of their pursuit to produce more healthy options for consumers, the company chose to exclude parabens, alcohol, phthalate, and SLS from their products.

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In addition to being healthy for consumers and their hair, Naples Soap Company’s shampoo and conditioner bars are also good for the planet. The compact, lightweight bars are delivered in low-waste packaging which makes them eco-friendly and suitable for travel. They are also leak-proof and TSA-compatible.

A satisfied customer stated: “Let me just say that I am so happy to have found the Naples Soap Company. It is the only soap and shampoo that I use, even when I go away. It smells great, foams well, and rinses easily, leaving a fresh feeling.”

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