Natural Face & Body Lotion For Eczema And Sensitive Skin: 10% Discount + Free Shipping

Natural Vibrancy is a creator of natural and premium skin care products. Their natural body lotion, is serving a wide range of customers from normal to very sensitive skin types. Visit Natural Vibrancy website for present discounts and additional information.

Men and women who suffer from sensitive, easily irritative and eczema-prone skin will find a 10% discount and free shipping for this natural face and body lotion as a real treat.  This new product was designed based on most requested features like natural high quality ingredients that reduce inflammation, provide deep hydration, while calming and soothe the skin.

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Natural Vibrancy has invested considerable time and effort to design this skincare product and to ensure enjoyable user experience. In fact, it’s their first product. The 10% discount and free standard shipping is available to everyone who makes a purchase through their online store. There is no coupon needed. All of the discounts are automatically applied and calculated as one goes through a checkout process. Interested parties can view the website or visit the product page directly.

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Founder, Audrone Wippich, described the natural skin care product in this way, “The Pure Body Lotion is one of our first exceptional skin care products that we are going to release.  This lotion is better in quality than most face-creams on the market today. It feeds the skin all the necessary vitamins and minerals, as well as boosts cell metabolism. Moving forward, our goal is to transform the entire natural skin care industry by setting an example. We do not substitute superior quality ingredients with suboptimal inexpensive ones that are not effective or beneficial to the skin, which seems to be an ongoing trend with many top selling brands out there.”

Also, the company is dedicated in educating consumers of the importance of using naturally derived products versus products that contain a number of potentially harmful synthetic chemicals that cause various side effects. Their blog library is consistently expanding and so is their customer base. More people are becoming conscious of natural skin care and it’s benefits.

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