Natural Energy USA Leads Solar Installation in Southern California

Natural Energy USA is a leader in solar energy in Southern California.

The company founded by Ted Mount has taken the lead in natural energy installation Southern California.

Costs of regular of regular energy sources continue to increase encouraging more homeowners to look for economical and green options such as residential solar installation California. The truth is solar energy has been used for years but the benefits have not been clear to many people as of this time.

Solar power installation offers numerous benefits such as access to tax incentives. The energy tax breaks depend on the state government but this is over and above energy tax credits provided by the federal government. This refers to the Energy Star program that provides incentives for consumers who use solar heating and photovoltaic systems aside from other green products. The credit is 30 percent of the cost with no restrictions. This does not run out until December 31, 2016. More credits are given depending on the location of customer’s homes and relevant circumstances.

Solar Installation California is also a guard against fluctuations of electricity prices. On the contrary, traditional sources are non-renewable while the cost will increase sooner or later. These are affected by volatility in the market leaving customers at risk to frequent changes in electric bills. There is no market fluctuation with solar power because it depends solely on the sun that rises daily.

Solar Installation Southern California can enhance the value of residential properties. Solar is a bid enticement for buyers who value the environment a lot. It is also a way of helping strengthen the local economy. The solar system can generate employment for local designers, technicians and manufacturers.

The cost of solar installation Southern California used to frighten many households. Times have changed since even the most limited budget of ordinary homeowners can be suitable for solar technology use.

Some companies like Natural Energy have introduced solar rebate levels as early as August of 2014. For example, Southern California Edison gives rebates of $0.20 per watt for residences. San Diego Gas and Electric has come up with a waitlist for residential users while the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power has set discounts of $0.70 for households. Prospective customers can visit the website of this company to find details regarding these rebates.

With solar energy, companies can look forward to higher ROI compared to other long-term investments. Natural Energy offers a broad assortment of renewable energy products and services aimed at helping consumers get the most from solar energy means.

Check out the website of Natural Energy at to get more information about the company and solar panels. It also has a Q & A section that answers the inquiries of customers. The company’s main office is located at 804 N Twin Oaks Valley Road, Ste #116, San Marcos, CA 92069. It is also possible to call telephone numbers 1800-868-1209 (toll free) or FAX 760-743-0871 or send emails to California License is #481870. Nevada License is #44635-C37.

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