Natural Acne Treatment Balm For Adults And Teens – Effective Alternative Medication On Par With Prescriptions

Bioskinforte is a natural acne treatment balm powered by an immune serum with antioxidants and skin regenerative properties plus 4 botanicals that address the root causes of teen and adult acne. The product’s effectiveness on mild and moderate acne is comparable to a prescription medicine.

/PressCable/ — Andes Natural Skin Care LLC is re-launching its product Bioskinforte as an alternative natural acne treatment after clinical validation from a double blind study with 96 volunteers showing results comparable to those of a leading prescription medicine.

Acne is mainly an inflammatory reaction of our immune system activated by a depletion of linoleic acid (omega 6) in the sebaceous glands caused by too much sebum production. The composition of sebum changes from a fluid to hardened sebum. Hardened sebum injures (punctures and cuts) the cells in the sebum ducts.

But before such injurious attacks actually occur hardened sebum triggers inflammation, possibly because of a biological alarm signaling imminent damage to the cells lining the walls of the sebum ducts. Surveying immune cells that reside among our tissues fire the alarm.

Victoria O'Driscoll, dermatologist in R&D at Andes Natural, unveils a few truths about acne inflammation and the Bioskinforte acne treatment product.

“When we're injured or seriously ill, our first response is to call a doctor or head for the nearest emergency room”.

“But faster than you can dial 9-1-1, the body's internal emergency response team is already on the scene. Responding instantly to biochemical distress signals, from imminent or actual damage to tissues, specialized cells and proteins have already started to seal off the injured area, destroy damaged tissue and foreign matters, and kill invading bacteria”.

It's called the inflammatory response, and the pain; heat, swelling and redness we associate with injury, are signs that it's working.

Victoria adds: “Inflammation is the body's first line of defense against injury and infection, but it's a double-edged sword. An out-of-control inflammatory response can destroy healthy tissues and cause those pitted or ice-pick acne scars, or crater like holes, you are left with after acne resolves. Keeping it under control means the immune system must maintain a balance between fanning the flames of inflammation and cooling it down”.

The inflammatory reaction causes the production of too many free radicals that also injure the cells and may perpetuate the never-ending inflammatory cascade.

The cells lining the sebaceous ducts produce inflammatory mediators (IL-1a, IL-b and tumor necrosis factor) when they are injured, so pimples may –and in fact occur– in total absence of acne bacteria.

All those events cause the cells in the ducts to thicken their membranes to protect themselves. When those cells die later they mix up with hardened sebum and clog the pores.

Inside clogged pores P. acnes bacteria starts multiplying uncontrolled by oxygen, as it occurs in open pores, because there is no oxygen in the upper part of clogged pores

P. acnes bacteria moves to that location from deep in the sebaceous glands where they live in symbiosis helping to produce sebum. There the chemical wastes of their metabolism also injure (corrode) the cells lining the sebum ducts.

Recognizing a need for a multi-prong approach to treat acne, Biocutis created a gentle healing balm, a light cream-gel that also moisturizes the skin and allows application of foundation with no concern.

Knowing what causes teen and adult acne inflammation has shed light on seven key areas that contribute to acne and need to be properly tackled.

The seven are: injuries to the cells lining the walls of the sebum ducts, increased sebum production, a proliferation of the normal P. acnes bacteria that live deep inside the sebum ducts, hardening of the sebum caused by a depletion of linoleic acid in the sebaceous glands, clogged pores, too many oxidizing free radicals, and immoderate inflammation.

Thus, the prevention and healing balm is formulated to provide seven crucial anti-blemish benefits: healing of damaged cells and tissues, oil-reducing to prevent future breakouts, antimicrobial action, liquefying of sebum, dissolution of the sticky paste that obstructs the pores, anti-oxidant, and anti-irritant to calm inflamed skin.

With clinical evidence of the effectiveness of Bioskinforte Natural Acne Treatment Balm from a double blind study with 96 adults and teens affected by acne, Andes Natural is re-launching Bioskinforte balm, a highly effective yet gentle approach for treating acne at home.

In a 12 week acne reduction study, Bioskinforte was used by half of the group and is clinically proven to treat acne blemishes with results as good as 20% azelaic acid cream, a leading topical acne prescription drug, used as control by the other half of the volunteers; and without any dryness or side effects.

Since acne can have a very negative impact on someone's self-esteem, and prescriptions have unwanted side effects, to be able to make such a strong clinical claim regarding the results that Bioskinforte delivers is exciting.

Anyone suffering from blemishes now has the option to clear acne with natural actives that have no side effects but yield results on par with what one could achieve with a prescription topical drug or in a dermatologist's office.

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