National survey of microblading prices reveals cost quite varied in San Jose CA.

National survey shows a wide price range for women seeking eyebrow microblading services, here are a few of the reasons that account for why.

In the past few years microblading has increased in popularity with women who are looking for a low maintenance alternative to their daily eyebrow routine. But how have prices for this service changed?

Eyebrow microblading does require a significant initial investment. A nationwide survey reveals that the cost of an initial treatment varies quite a bit and depends on many factors.

Depending on where you live you can expect to pay anywhere from $200 to $800 for an initial treatment with a national average of $425 which holds true in California as well.

So when it comes to microblading prices why is there such a wide gap? Here a few of the variables:


Some clinics and salons offer microblading as one of a whole range of services. Other studios specialize only in permanent makeup. According to microblading artist Vu Dang of Brows by Vu Dang. “If you are a specialist in one thing you are going to be more focused on your art and more time to dedicate to training and research in your craft.” “Getting the right training costs time and money and is reflected in the price” says Vu.


When it comes to microblading there are many variables. You have women of different ages and skin types. What works for one skin type, or hair color may not be appropriate for another. “It takes a lot of practice and experience to know what is going to look right. With microblading you only get one chance.” says Vu.

Quality of Products

Another important factor is the quality of products, especially the inks and pigments that are used. Higher quality products cost more but there is a reason. “Most products look great on the day of the treatment. But, low quality inks will fade fast or give an “ashy” appearance in a short amount of time. That is why you should deal with a specialist who can educate you about the entire process and what you can expect” according to Vu.

Licensing and Insurance

Another contributing factor when it comes to price is meeting local government requirements. If you are having your treatment done in a friends basement it is going to cost less but there are risks involved. “There is a safety issue and you are going to get a higher quality treatment by someone who is licensed, insured, and has taken time to follow local regulations” says Vu.

The ‘X’ factor

Apart from the technical side of things is the skill of artist that you choose. The most detailed and creative practitioners are going to be able to give you an outcome that makes you look and feel your best. These artists can show lots of before and after pictures and command higher prices.

source microblading cost survey

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