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National Marketing Experts Lance Luke and Martin Pe’a recently announced the Ask the Marketing Expert webinar series to boost small business recovery with expert experience online and marketing.

National Marketing Experts Lance Luke and Martin Pe’a recently announced the Ask the Marketing Expert webinar series. The topics covered in each one-hour webinar Master-Class include the following lineup: Get Known Now, Branding, Story Selling, Social Media Manifesto, Top Ten Ways to Promote Your Business Using Social Media, Social Media Videos Rock, Top Seven Tips To A Killer & Thriller Website, Successful Marketing Strategies To Build Your Business, Somewhat Simple Steps to Publish Your Book, Promoting Your Business FREE on Social Media, Nine Powerful Benefits of Small Business Blogging, Cheap and Cheaper Facebook Marketing Ideas, Boost Your Brand Through Press Releases, Repurposing Media Content Revisited, and more.

Mr. Luke is a sought-after national speaker and has written numerous articles on general business and marketing topics. His articles have been published in over 750 national and international media outlets.

He has been interviewed on shows such as Times Square Today and Hollywood Live. He is also a Two-Time Best-Selling Author.

Mr. Luke is also a National Building Expert and speaks about building and construction matters, including building safety and COVID-19 issues.

Mr. Pe’a is a Technology Expert with 40 years in banking technology & innovation, audit & compliance, and risk management, and has owned a digital consulting and marketing business for almost 10 years. His expertise and experience in banking and technology provide solutions, marketing strategies, and digital services in marketing automation, reputation marketing, and social media marketing to advise and guide small business owners.

In addition to assisting small businesses in the new online marketplace, recent business innovation projects include:

Executive Producer of “Ask the Building Expert” and “Ask the Marketing Expert” webinars.

Partner in Expert Media Matters, a Digital Marketing Agency.

Co-Author of the book “Promote Your Small Business Online Today to Survive.”

In a recent interview, Mr. Pe’a was asked, “Why are you producing your webinar series?”

Mr. Pe’a responded with, “Interesting question. The pandemic canceled all planned speaking engagements, so rather than travel all around the country from Hawaii, the management team decided to bring the show to interested people. With the power of the internet, these webinars can be broadcast all over the country and even the world. The webinars are designed to be educational, informative, and entertaining. The Ask the Marketing Expert webinars are specifically designed to provide valuable advice and guidance and encourage attendee participation by the Q&A format. That is why the title of the series is called Ask the Marketing Expert. The management and production team have decided to waive the cost of attendance, as the sponsor Expert Media Matters has agreed to underwrite and finance each Master-Class totally.

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