National Incarceration Association Inmates Safety Support Campaign Launched

Please support the National Incarceration Association (NIA) as they advocate for the safety of inmates and . The focus is on inmate safety and providing support as prisons are in crisis and at capacity.

The natural demand for social innovation is driving a rising wave of justice reform. Will it find you moving forward or fighting to protect old ground? The National Incarceration Association (NIA) needs support to help services to inmates across the US and now more than ever they need your support.

It is the NIA’s mission to provide the community of families, loved ones and advocates of the incarcerated, reliable information and resources to help them during their difficult journey while also coordinating actions among community and those who have the authority to make measured changes, and reform our system of justice for the better public interest and safety.

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Incarceration is a $100 billion industry in the US affecting more than 65 million families. The NIA acts as an advocate for families and is very often a safety measure for inmates. Inmates are largely viewed as numbers in a system – not people. The NIA works to provide a voice for some of the most vulnerable people in our society. Cries for help come in many forms including reports of inmates with mental health issues being left in solitary confinement, criminal acts being witnessed in prison, including seeing a cell mate beaten to death.

Other issues relate to misfiled paperwork and false charges, as well as inmates being unaware of key information such as their release date, how to contact their attorneys, or being denied medical help when they need it most.

In one case, a report was filed where an inmate found a noose hanging in their cell.

A lack of communication between the incarceration system and the families of inmates is rife; some families are unable to locate their loved ones if they are injured and transferred. Inmates are needlessly dying in prison when they should be serving their time and coming home.

Roughly sixty million people in America are affected by incarceration and the figure is growing every year, putting the system into crisis. Prisons are reaching capacity and there are numerous staffing issues.

A representative for the NIA campaign said:

“In 2014 a 15-year high for inmate deaths and suicides was recorded, but no new figures have been released since then.

To help address this growing crisis, the NIA has created an all-volunteer call center that functions like a ‘411’ line for people impacted by this crisis. We need support for the service – so that people know it is available, that it is staffed by knowledgeable people, and that it remains dedicated to mitigating concerns with an incarcerated loved one.”

Be part of the solution. Move forward with the NIA.

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