National Aligner Network Launches For Patients in Two New Markets

The National Aligner Network today announced today their launch. Consumers can now connect with Invisalign providers who have objectively proven that they deliver an amazing patient experience.

Consumers interested in clear aligner orthodontic treatment have a new option when choosing a clear aligner brand and finding an Invisalign® provider. The National Aligner Network has just unveiled its new website and on-boarded its first group of dentists and orthodontists in Texas and California.

Clear aligner therapy has been a hot topic with dentists and regulators alike with the explosive growth of direct-to-consumer brands such as SmileDirectClub, Inc. over the past several years. With this growth has come greater scrutiny from regulators challenging the safety of orthodontic care delivered via teledentistry.

The National Aligner Network believes patients are best served by receiving clear aligner treatment under the in-person supervision of a licensed dentist or orthodontist. Align Technology, Inc. is the global leader in clear aligner innovation with its Invisalign clear aligners and the National Aligner Network is proud to connect consumers with the top Invisalign providers in their community.

Since no two Invisalign providers have the exact same level of orthodontic training with clear aligners or experience with treatments of varying complexity, patients have been forced to choose their Invisalign provider with limited information to make an informed decision.

Many patients report utilizing the tier ratings on Invisalign’s own Doctor Locator as an influential factor when choosing an Invisalign provider. However, the Doctor Locator discloses that those tiers are not intended to reflect the quality or skill level of the provider.

“We are so proud to fill this gap in the orthodontic market and give patients the power of choice. Patients deserve to know all the facts. Clear aligners offer so many benefits over metal braces and patients deserve to enjoy those benefits with an improved patient experience. Our only allegiance is to the patient,” said Jace Campbell, Founder of the National Aligner Network. “Until now, patients had no way to verify that their Invisalign provider consistently did what they said they would do – which is deliver a great smile with a proper bite in the treatment period the doctor originally prescribed.”

The National Aligner Network is committed to ensuring patients have all the information and understanding necessary to make the best healthcare decision for themselves and their loved ones.

The National Aligner Network is currently connecting patients with Invisalign providers in the California and Texas markets, with plans to roll out nationwide by the end of 2020.

Despite only offering services in these two markets, consumers are welcome to visit to learn everything they can about clear aligners and download a complimentary copy of their latest e-book, “3 Invisalign Secrets They Don’t Want You To Know”.

Any Invisalign providers interested in joining the National Aligner Network may request the Provider’s Information Packet through their website..

The National Aligner Network is in no way associated with, affiliated with, or endorsed by Align Technology, Inc. Invisalign is a registered trademark of Align Technology.

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