Nashville TN Strength Training For Runners – Speed Improvement Resource Released

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A Nashville, Tennessee fitness center (615-697-3481) has recently released a report detailing how strength training can help runners substantially improve their speed and avoid injury.

In the new report, which is titled “How to Run Faster in 10 Minutes a Week”, Quantify Fitness says that strength workouts have been proven in recent studies to enhance race performance. The gym provides short 10-minute weekly regimens that have been found to be safer and more effective compared to frequent and longer workouts.

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With the latest release, Quantify Fitness encourages runners who have been focusing on cardio and endurance exercises to also add strength training to their regimens.

The report cites scientific findings on the positive effects of strength training on neuromuscular activity, which can boost running economy by 2% to 8%. Strength training also improves race performance by around 3% to 5% in middle-distance events, and 2% to 4% in long-distance races.

Strength and plyometric training is likewise believed to make tendons stiffer and more flexible, leading to more efficient strides. Combined with an improved running economy, these benefits lead to significantly faster running time.

Quantify Fitness’ 10-minute weekly strength training workouts have been backed by years of research. Known as Adaptive Resistance Exercise (ARX), the workouts employ computer-controlled technology to provide 100% resistance to the user’s output at every repetition. The consistently accurate match dramatically shortens the time needed to exercise, which helps prevent injury by protecting the muscles from overexertion.

Other technology-backed strength-building services offered by the gym include Vasper workouts, CAR.O.L bike exercises, infrared sauna, and digital meditation.

David Adams, a runner and client at Quantify Fitness, describes the positive effects of strength training on his race performance. He says, “I do Vasper twice a week and ARX once, and after not running a single time in a year, I went and did a charity 5k last week and ran it 5 minutes faster than a year ago at the same charity event. Also, in the weekly bootcamps I attend, my rating on the cardio part went from barely intermediate to advanced, and I can only attribute that to the work I’m doing at Quantify.”

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