Nashville TN Smart Gym Cardio Efficient Workout No Donation Policy Announced

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Nashville, TN - Quantify Fitness (615-697-3481) launches its “no donation” payment policy to empower customers towards a healthier lifestyle. Now, gym memberships are automatically cancelled if the client does not show up for three consecutive months.

To counter traditional models that lock in members into long-term contracts, the revolutionary smart gym motivates people to show up and work out. The team says that their latest policy is more customer-focused, as it prevents members from paying if they stop exercising.

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The new protocol comes at an opportune time of social distancing, says the gym. By not locking people into long-term contracts, membership capacity is maximized to only people who want to reclaim their strength and get fit.

The gym is designed for members who do not want to spend hours every day working out. The center uses science-backed strategies to improve fitness in only minutes a week. That is why it calls itself a smartgym – its mission is to revolutionize wellness so that people can live healthier lives with more efficient exercise.

Quantify Fitness uses its distinctive Fitness Formula that gives people measurable results after a few months of consistent minutes per week exercise.

The formula combines adaptive resistance exercises (ARX), the Vasper system, and regular sauna visits to support people in their fitness journey. Further, the smartgym is the first center in the country with the CAR.O.L bike, which has been scientifically proven to be an effective cardio machine.

Members can choose a fitness plan that suits their needs and budget. The most recommended plan includes one ARX workout, one Vasper workout, one CAR.O.L ride, and one infrared sauna session per week. This package is offered at $249 per month.

Quantify Fitness only caters to members who schedule an appointment in advance for their intended workout. This prevents walk-ins and reduces the risk of possible virus transmission.

A complimentary demo can be scheduled for interested members.

A spokesperson for the gym wrote, “We are on a mission to help society reclaim their health and fitness by eliminating ineffective exercise. We employ evidence-based solutions to improve health and fitness without wasting your valuable time.”

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