Nashville TN Efficient Exercise – Effective 10-Minute Workout Machine Launched

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Quantify Fitness (615-697-3481) in Nashville, Tennessee, has launched a series of proven exercise machines complete with personal trainers to help clients safely and effectively work out.

The gym’s latest update includes three pieces of exercise equipment — ARX, Vasper, and CAR.O.L machines — that facilitate safe and effective workouts. With this equipment and the gym’s personal trainers, clients will see swift progress towards their health and fitness goals.

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Experts agree that while exercise is key to a healthy lifestyle, over-exercising or using improper techniques can damage the body. With Quantify Fitness’ announcement, clients will learn the requirements for safe exercise and how to leverage this knowledge toward a healthier body.

The gym explains that their ARX (Adaptive Resistance Exercise) machines are the most efficient choice for clients. With just 10 minutes of exercise per week, clients can target a range of muscle groups with safe and effective workouts. Adaptive resistance machines work using motors to create resistance and simulate weights — a more practical option than gravity-based machines. To learn more about ARX machines, visit

For clients interested in cardiovascular exercise, Quantify Fitness offers Vasper workouts as well. These systems blend compression, cooling, and intense interval training to condense a 2-hour workout into just 21 minutes. Critically, the cooling and compression systems help deliver more oxygen to the user’s muscles and reduce soreness following the workout.

Quantity Fitness is also the first gym in the United States to offer its clients access to CAROL bikes. Short for Cardiovascular Optimization Logic, these groundbreaking bikes provide personalized data based on the user’s performance. Additionally, the machine uses this data to maximize the user’s workouts and help them reach their goals.

About Quantify Fitness

With the launch, the gym reaffirms its commitment to scientific exercise tools that guarantee clients’ results and safety.

Since 2016, Quantify Fitness has helped clients reach their health goals. During their five years of business, their staff has developed a results-based reputation.

“I have to be honest, I was a little skeptical going into the 10-minute workout,” said one satisfied client. “But after my first 10-minute workout, my mind was blown. I left feeling like I ran 6 miles and then some — I’ll definitely be going back.”

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