Nashville TN Childrens Speech Pathologist Language Therapy Service Launched

Lindsay Backus, the Nashville based speech therapist and pathologist, has launched a new language service for children in the local area. She prides herself on high quality service and getting great developmental results.

Lindsay Backus has launched a new speech therapy service for children and adolescents in Nashville, Tennessee. She is a certified speech pathologist who has training and experience in treating various speech and language disorders, with a focus on expressive/receptive language delays, articulation, and autism.

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Speech and language delay in children can lead to a range of problems as they grow, including reading, writing, attention and socialization issues. When parents are worried about their child’s language development, it’s important to talk to an expert.

The new service launched by Lindsay Backus can provide parents and their children with friendly and approachable speech therapy services. Speech therapy can have a wide range of benefits, and help children to learn and grow with improved articulation.

Lindsay Backus received her undergraduate degree in Communication Disorders from Louisiana Tech University. She followed this with a Master’s Degree in Speech Language Pathology from Appalachian State University.

She has lived in Nashville since 2012, and in that time has worked with local parents, schools, and other clients. She works with children to develop key communication skills and effectively communicate.

Depending on the child and their needs, this could focus on speech itself, but can also include non audible communication. She can help when children have trouble pronouncing letters, are not meeting their expected developmental milestones, or are hard to understand when they speak.

Her language development service works on expression as well as speaking and helping the child to interact with others. She teaches social appropriateness and improved articulation, and helps children to put together sentences that make sense.

Her new service is important because starting speech therapy early can help to address issues before they become more serious.

She states: “I am passionate about helping children grow their speech and language skills through the power of speech therapy, and I believe in empowering parents to facilitate this growth. I’m inspired by my client’s accomplishments and motivated to provide them with the best possible care.”

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