Nashville TN Cardio/Endurance Workout – ARX Gym Machine Exercise Report Launched

Quantify Fitness (615-697-3481) has published its new report on the Adaptive Resistance Exercise machine, or ARX for short, and the many benefits it can provide when training cardio.

The new report compares ARX to traditional strength training and discusses the ways in which the machine can generate a greater gain in aerobic capacity. They go on to recommend the machine as a regular part of any workout routine as a strategy to improve cardio without requiring longer workouts.

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This latest report is a small part of Quantify Fitness’ commitment to helping their clients build better workouts and healthier bodies. The ARX machine is one of their most popular services, and for good reason: the data they present in the report suggests a high level of effectiveness.

Cardio as part of a workout routine is usually meant to improve a metric known as VO2 Max, which is shorthand for your body’s ability to utilize oxygen. In other words, doing cardio allows blood to flow more efficiently in the body, therefore allowing more oxygen to fuel the metabolism.

A study that Quantify Fitness cites in its report is concerned with the overall increase in VO2 Max in people who tried the ARX machine versus those who did traditional strength training. Their report states that using the machine can improve cardio gains by over 15% using short 15 minutes workouts.

The ARX machine uses an adaptive system to adjust workout intensity and strength training with a series of highly tuned motors. These machines are available for use at Quantify Fitness’ state-of-the-art facility in Nashville, TN.

Quantify Fitness is committed to the idea that a more effective workout is leagues better in the long term than a workout that is simply longer. By offering their customers the latest equipment and workout plans, they promise to cut the time it takes to build a better body down to a fraction of a traditional workout and with much better efficacy.

One satisfied reviewer had this to say, “After doing my first 10-minute workout with Quantify Fitness my mind was blown. I left feeling like I ran 6 miles and then some. I was sore for days after and it honestly was the best quick workout I’ve ever done.”

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