Nashville TN Asphalt Repair – Paving/Overlay Benefits And Costs Guide Launch

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Nashville, Tennessee-based Gaddes Strategic (615-866-2795), an asphalt repair and thermoplastic markings contractor, has launched a new guide detailing the options available when asphalt is damaged.

The recently published guide explains the various methods used when repairing an asphalt surface. Readers are introduced to the differences between asphalt paving, asphalt overlay, asphalt patch repairs, and other approaches.

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While some methods may be less expensive than others, Gaddes Strategic points out that the shorter lifespan of some asphalt repairs may result in greater long-term costs. The new guide is designed to help homeowners and businesses understand these differences and make more informed choices.

Asphalt is commonly used to pave driveways and business parking lots. The wear and tear caused by regular vehicle traffic can cause these surfaces to become cracked, which can eventually turn into potholes. Such damage is not only unsightly, it can also pose a safety risk to guests, customers, and members of the public.

As Gaddes Strategic now explains, homeowners and businesses have multiple options when considering asphalt repairs. In most cases, it is best to cut out the damaged section, address any issues with the base material, and then repave the area with new asphalt.

While asphalt paving is suitable for parking lots, driveways, highways, and other road surfaces, the company also states that different types are available for residential or commercial applications. More cost-effective solutions may be preferred for homes where traffic is minimal, and the durability of commercial asphalt makes it well suited to parking lots. The new guide explains the benefits and costs of each method.

About Gaddes Strategic

Having over 60 years of combined experience in concrete and asphalt, Gaddes Strategic provides a comprehensive range of services, including pothole and asphalt repairs, thermoplastic pavement markers, and asphalt seal coating and line striping. The contractor provides services to a wide range of clients, including single-family homes, condominiums, duplexes, office buildings, hotels, retail centers, industrial areas, and more. They serve surrounding Nashville areas, including Antioch, Bellevue, Brentwood, Columbia, Davidson County, Forest Hills, and Franklin TN.

A company representative stated: “We differentiate ourselves by being responsive and flexible while focusing mostly on small nuisance jobs that many larger contractors have a hard time getting to. Our goal is to help progress the project and save our client’s money.”

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