Nashville TN Affordable Garage Space Rental – Storage/Parking Service Launched

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A newly updated storage rental service has been launched by the team at Stache. They provide property owners with a way to earn revenue from their excess storage space in garages.

Stache have announced the launch of their updated storage rental service. Stache allows property owners with spare space and those looking for storage facilities to find each other through one seamless solution.

For more information, please visit the website here:

The newly updated storage rental service by Stache has been referred to as the equivalent of Airbnb for storage and parking. The website is a place for those with empty garages or parking spaces to advertise to those seeking parking and storage solutions.

Stache explains that many property owners in the USA have free parking spaces or empty, unused areas in their home such as garages and basements. By renting them out to someone locally who needs the space, they could earn an average of $4-$6,000 per year.

The website allows property owners to host their unused space for free. All they have to do is upload two clear photos, add a short description, and choose pricing and access options.

Hosts can also check requests and coordinate the use of the space via the platform. All transactions are automatic and are paid directly into the host’s PayPal or bank account.

For peace of mind, all spaces are covered for free, providing $1 million in liability coverage and $50k in property damage protection.

For those renting, big savings on storage rental prices can be made. For example the average price for 50 square foot of traditional storage space in the Bay Area can reach $120 a month, whereas as the average monthly cost through Stache is around $50.

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The company state that they believe the $40 billion spent by one in ten American families on storage each year should stay in local communities, which their service helps to happen. They also donate 10% of their monthly revenue to local charities.

A user of the service has said of their experience: “I love the concept and the neighbors I’ve met renting out my garage and parking pad. One of them even invited me out on their boat this summer! We’re on pace to pay all our property taxes and utilities for the year.”

Those wishing to find out more about Stache can contact them at: 1-800-822-9045. Alternatively, they can also visit the website here:

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