Naples Pool Service Announces Launch of Environmentally Friendly Pool Systems

Edgewater Pools and Spa, a leading pool service and supply company in Naples Florida announces a solution for the environment conscious pool owners in Southwest Florida. The company announcing this week they now carry a salt water swimming pool system and energy saving pool accessories.

Although Naples Fl. swimming pools supply opportunities for enjoyment and exercise to individuals and families, these are known to draw more energy and waste more water than other equipment discovered in houses and other facilities. The chemicals utilized in decontaminating pool water like chlorine are likewise known to have severe results not simply on the swimmers, however also on the environment.

Chlorine is stated to have a big role in the most serious ecological problems such as acid rain, worldwide warming and the thinning of the ozone layer. The amount by which this naturally occurring gas is already considered unsafe has yet to be completely determined though.

The dangerous effects of exposure to very little quantities of chlorine over extended amount of times are also still being studied. Nevertheless, the most common reaction to chlorine discovered among humans generally pertains to the breathing system.

“Edgewater Pools and Spa has a goal to making Naples backyard pools safe and totally free from tension so that a family can enjoy a swimming pool without any environmental repercussions. Through the pool systems the company provides, it assist to get rid of the worry one may have of over exposer to family and the environment to high levels of chlorine which normally occurs during what is called the one-time dumping of this chemical into the swimming pool,” owner Colton Rodricks states.

He also mentions, “While the salt systems do not make pools chlorine-free. The system, however, manages the production of chlorine into a swimming pool hence doing away with the usual task of putting big quantities of the chemical in at one time.”

The salt water swimming pool service systems offered by Edgewater Pools and Spa still require chlorine shocks so that the water will certainly be oxidized and hazardous bacteria will certainly be removed. To guarantee that swimming pool salt systems are supplying their finest efficiency, Edgewater Pools and Spa provide totally free price quotes on installations of new salt water systems in addition to totally free analyses of existing systems.

“Edgewater Pools and Spa strives to exceed expectations when it comes to keeping pools clean and bacteria-free. The objective is to get the take the stress out of owning and maintaining a swimming pool here in Southwest Florida”.

Aside from their swimming pool salt systems, Edgewater Pools and Spa also provides different choices of adjustable speed swimming pool pumps. These pumps assist households minimize energy, minimize electric costs. When compared to the conventional pump system, these speed pumps are also known for cutting down the expenses of running a swimming pool pump by up to 40 percent.

The Naples pool service offers a comprehensive variety of pool services including swimming pool repair service, acid washing, deco-seal replacement, plumbing replacement and medical spa repair works. Edgewater Pools and Spa serves all of Naples, Marco Island, Bonita Springs, and Isle of Capri Florida.

For more information on Edgewater Pools and Spa and energy saving ideas for pool owners visit their website at WWW.EDGEWATERPOOLSANDSPA.COM online.

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