Naples FL Estate And Trust Tax Preparation/Planning Accounting Services Launched

A service to provide individuals and businesses with detailed estate and tax planning services has been launched by CCG Certified Public Accountants of Naples, FL. Telephone 239-345-2190 for help.

CCG Certified Public Accountants based in Naples and Fort Myers, FL has launched a detailed estate and trust tax advisory service for individual and business clients on Florida’s west coast. The service provides a personal plan to each client demonstrating the steps they can take to protect their financial legacy.

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The service has been launched to better equip clients with the tools they need to manage their own financial future to its best effect. It will also show them how to better protect the wealth that may pass to a spouse or to children.

The trusted advisors at CCG Certified Public Accountants help each individual develop a carefully structured estate and trust financial plan to provide financial security for the future. The plan also addresses the means by which future tax liabilities can be minimized.

Fiduciary tax laws are highly complex and ever-changing. The company’s tax and accounting professionals have considerable experience and expertise in this area. They also keep abreast of all law and rule changes in this field in case a financial or trust plan should need changing, following an alteration to the rules.

Services offered, include succession planning advice to business owners and specifying the most financially efficient methods of transferring assets to spouses, offspring, trusts, or charities. Expert advice is also provided for estate tax returns and trust administration, and income tax returns.

In addition to estate and trust tax and planning, CCG Certified Public Accountants provides tax services to individuals by assisting in the preparation of tax returns and advising on the steps to be taken to minimize tax liabilities. Help is also supplied to individuals using accounting software packages.

Business owners can avail themselves of the company’s tax preparation and submission of tax return services, as well as develop a tax planning strategy to maximize relief while minimizing liabilities. Businesses suffering from financial problems can gain assistance with IRS audit representation, non-filed tax returns, payroll tax issues, and even bankruptcy.

A spokesperson for the company said: “Even filing a relatively simple return is confusing. It is easy to overlook deductions and credits to which you are entitled. There’s no substitute for the assistance of an experienced tax professional. The IRS Code takes up two volumes and the Tax Regulations are six volumes of fine print. You need a tax advisor that knows the tax laws inside out.”

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