Nanaimo BC Local Gym Best Personalized Fitness Training Planning Service Launch

Nanaimo Athletic Club, Nanaimo, BC local gym is excited to announce; in association with MY PRIME; the awarding of complimentary vacation stays to celebrated long-term members.

Nanaimo, BC local gym Nanaimo Athletic Club announces a new alliance with MY PRIME. Nanaimo Athletic Club and MY PRIME, in the spirit of giving back, have launched an in-house Program that rewards complimentary vacation stays to celebrated members who have been long-term, loyal, active patrons in good standing.

The gym and holistic fitness facility in Nanaimo welcomes beginner, intermediate, pro-am, and professional athletes of all ages. With it’s association launch with MY PRIME, in the near future, members can also look forward to additional training and nutrition planning Services and Programs.

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For all new-comers who are local residents with a Nanaimo-based address, Nanaimo Athletic Club offers a 21-day free gym trial membership with a bonus 21-day meal & workout plan for amateurs new to fitness goal-setting.

Through upcoming IOS and Android applications, members will also receive important missing components that can enhance physical fitness targets and create a major difference between success or plateau of their fitness goals.

The beginner-friendly gym in Nanaimo, BC features a women’s only floor, and is equipped with plates and dumbbells for all skill levels. Powerlifters have access to a special padded floor.

Nanaimo Athletic Club offers a Pay-As-You-Go group class structure. Aerobics, Yoga and Indoor Spin Studio spaces are leased to active and inspired local community group instructors; who offer classes or events based on their specialties and expertise.

Nanaimo Athletic Club Weights & Cardio gym members can take advantage of any class or event that group instructors are providing. All class participants can drop in with the easy-pay system.

The beauty of the Pay-As-You-Go Program is that participants are not locked into a monthly group class contract to attend fitness events put on by the Instructors. They can be free to go on holidays, or enjoy time away without stress of having to pay for missed class attendances.

This is also a great opportunity for independent instructors as they are able to host classes setting their own class fee, while taking advantage of a low fixed rental rate.

Group instructors are offered a 3-month free trial to help them create and establish their following. Studio spaces are also available to any individuals conducting seminars and meetings.

Nanaimo Athletic Club’s support Services include an infrared sauna, UV high pressure tanning beds, childminding, and an upcoming full-time shift-worker-friendly community-service daycare.

According to a spokesperson for the Nanaimo gym with childcare, “A positive, friendly, and supportive client experience is one of the main reasons why people stay with our gym. We strive to be more than a fitness facility—we are a gym that focuses on creating a positive member and visitor experience while delivering the most trusted services and amenities for fitness Nanaimo has to offer.”

Nanaimo Athletic Club is just minutes away from the local University; Vancouver Island University. Featuring 20,000 square feet of floor space, and multiples in a variety of exercise equipment, this locally-owned gym is a very accommodating space for athletic varsity teams and the many university students who frequent it.

As well, for those students who join the special-rated Student Membership, Nanaimo Athletic Club also gifts a complimentary $200 Meal Savings card so students can take advantage of local as well as off-island dining and entertainment discounts and deals.

The Nanaimo Athletic Club; Vancouver Island fitness facility; has ranked as Nanaimo’s Top 3 gyms and businesses for 2018 and also for 2019.

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