Name Change for San Diego Company, Now Called Trusted-Notary, San Diego Mobile Notary Services

Asher's Mobile Notary Services, located in San Diego has officially changed their company name to Trusted-Notary and is rebranding as well.

By Any Other Name: Asher’s Mobile Notary Services to Become Trusted-Notary, San Diego Mobile Notary Services.

Asher Stefani, the spokesperson for Asher’s Mobile Notary Services announced this week in San Diego that the company will officially be changing its name to Trusted-Notary, San Diego Mobile Notary Services as of April 1, 2015.

Asher explained that the new name would reflect the evolving focus and standards of the company, adding, “Business is expanding which has aloud the company to hire additional mobile notaries in San Diego County. A company name signifies the identity of the company which is now evolving into much more than just the owner. Trusted-Notary represents everyone in the company now and in the future.”

“In addition to that, the name represents the high standards, quality customer service and notary public diligence required to be on the Trusted-Notary team. Gaining the trust of clients is essential to company success and the goal is to become the #1 trusted notary company in San Diego County.”

Trusted-Notary, formerly known as Asher’s Mobile Notary Services, began in 2008 when Asher first became a notary public. The first two years were a major learning curve which provided the necessary experience to begin improving each year. Now at the point where it is too much for one notary, Asher is expanding and building the Trusted-Notary team.

There is no indication yet of whether this will be the only change to the Trusted-Notary image or just the first of many. Representatives are firm in stating that quality customer service and high standards will stay the same. Customers and employees alike are optimistic about the alterations.

Jason Smith, VP at Trusted-Notary added, “Trust is a core principle in any business, even more so in the notary public field. Quality services, friendly customer service and a positive attitude are key ingredients for the success of Trusted-Notary and earning the trust of San Diego, one signature at a time.”

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