Nakasawa Helps Customers via Intuitive Technical Papers and Virtual Events

CEO of leading oil production technologies company remains driving force behind push of technical knowhow through website and social media platforms.

Nakasawa Mining and Energy, a Miami, Florida-based company pioneering upstream technologies for oil production with offices throughout the world, has been helping customers through the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent quarantine efforts via intuitive technical papers and virtual events. The organization’s CEO, Jose Wilfredo Molina Castrillon, has been the driving force behind a push of technical knowhow by way of Nakasawa’s website and social media platforms, including the recent webinar that informed the company’s audience about its newest innovation, the Super Matroid Heater.

“In this day and age of quarantines, worldwide virus concerns and political unrest, people are getting their information, perhaps more than ever, from online resources – including social media, webinars and other channels,” says Molina. “The customers of Nakasawa Mining and Energy are no different, and that’s the primary reason why we’ve been flexing our technical prowess via our website and social media platforms. During this quarantine period, we’ve successfully hosted two events, the first being a general conference webinar that 170 people registered for, and the second a more technical-oriented webinar that attracted 100 respondents.

“We will continue, even through these most difficult of times, to deliver technological solutions to the upstream oil and gas sector by providing integrated products, services and expertise, and we wholeheartedly thank our treasured client base for sticking with us during this period.”

Some of the latest technical papers Nakasawa has published on its site include Geological Screening for Thermal EOR, Screening Methods: Sensitive Stage in EOR Planning, Understanding Heavy Oil Composition, Innovations and Importance of Instrumentation for Control and Real Time Monitoring of Steam Injection Operations, Feed Water Treatment by ION Exchange for a High Steam Quality System (“SMH”) and Equipment Supply and Thermal Completion Design (“EOR Thermal Processes”).

As the company’s latest innovation, the Super Matroid Heater addresses the technological challenge of generating high steam quality by way of an integral steam system with OTSG for Thermal Recovery processes, equipped to generate up to >95-percent steam quality. This system consists of a high-efficiency cyclone steam separator, super heater tube bundle, mixers with control valve and steam quality sampling apparatus, with Nakasawa’s SMH process involving controlled steam condensate separations and remix of the both to achieve steam quality up to 99-percent.

About Nakasawa Mining and Energy

Nakasawa Mining and Energy develops upstream technologies for oil production and remains focused on Thermal Enhanced Oil Recovery, the company boasting the professionals needed to manage small and large-scale steam injection projects – from innovative engineering designs to maintenance and after-sales support.

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