Mystery Stone RC GPS Camera Drone For Beginners Discount Price & Review Launched

The amazing beginner quadcopter Mystery Stone RC GPS Drone is offered at a discounted price now by Just Good Stuff Online. It is a powerful technology that flies fast and always returns home. It is easy to control even by beginner pilots.

Just Good Stuff Online announced a discount price for the Mystery Stone RC GPS Drone model. The Mystery Stone RC GPS Drone has a built-in GPS tool and features a 1080P HD camera and hover, smart return system. It is perfect for beginner drone pilots. It can be purchased as a birthday, anniversary or Christmas gift.

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Mystery Stone RC GPS Drone is a great starter drone. Users can easily learn how to fly it and use it to capture HD photos and videos. A lot of thought and technology has been put into this new quadcopter drone model.

It is recommended that first-time users test the drone in an open spacious environment because the brushless drone motors are extremely powerful. They should also make sure that the drone finds at least 7 satellites to make the GPS work great.

The drone comes with four RC brushless drone motors which make sure that the drone is not blown away by the strong wind while the controller is flying it outdoors. The motors also lead to a more steady and controllable fly.

Mystery Stone RC GPS Drone features many safety features and that’s why it is often recommended as the best gift for drone hobbyists and beginner pilots. The Return to Home feature makes sure that even when the pilot loses visual control on their device, the drone will safely return back. The manufacturer explains that the RTH will be activated once the remote control signal is lost and when the drone is over the preset safe range.

The GPS feature makes it easy to fly the drone and provides a sense of confidence that the user will not experience a “fly away’ or loss of control.

Another favorite feature of users is the wide-angle camera, which reduces the chances of the targeted object for the photograph being out of frame. The device also has a LED light for night flight and weights only 443g or 0.98 lbs with the battery.

A flight of the Mystery Stone RC GPS Drone can last up to 18 minutes at a distance up to 0.6mile/1km.

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