MyRideGripper(tm) Announces That it Can Save Cyclists from Fines and Penalties in Many Cities

More and more cities are passing laws that make it illegal for bike riders to use their cell phones while riding. My Ride Gripper(tm), a hands free bike mounted phone holder, can prevent bikers from breaking that law and getting tickets.

New York, NY, January 16, 2015 If a new law passes in New York City, cyclists may find themselves facing fines and other penalties if they use a cell phone while cycling. The makers of My Ride Gripper note that using a cell phone bike mount can help cyclists avoid those fines and other penalties. 

In November, the New York City Council began to consider legislation that will make it illegal to use a cell phone while biking unless it is being used with a hands-free device. If the ordinance, sponsored by Democrat Mark Treyger, passes, New York City will join other cities around the country, including Chicago and Flagstaff, AZ, which already have laws that require cyclists to use hands-free devices or avoid using their cell phones while they ride. 

Under the new law, first-time offenders who do not cause property damage or physical injury will have to take a bike safety class. Repeat offenders will have to pay a $50 fine. 

My Ride Gripper ™, a universal cell phone mount created for bicycles, is one of the best ways for cyclists to continue legally using their cell phones while biking. The heavy-duty material and secure mount hardware hold a wide range of smart phones securely and safely while providing hands-free access to the phone’s functions and apps. 

My Ride Gripper ™ is made of heavy-duty ABS plastic, and is designed to snugly hold a wide range of the most popular cell phones on the market, including the iPhone 3, 4, 5 and 6, the Samsung Galaxy SIII, the HTC Droid and many more phone models, including any phone with widths between 2.5 inches and 2.9 inches. The manufacturer promises that the device will mount on every bike made, and backs it with a money-back guarantee. 

While My Ride Gripper ™ cell phone holder for bikes holds phones and other devices securely and safely while riding. A simple squeeze of the sides locks the cell phone devices firmly in place using a secure ratcheting technology. The My Ride Gripper ™ is also designed to quickly release the device when a cyclist reaches his destination. The double-pin release on the back allows the device to quickly release cell phones for easy access to the phones when the bike is parked.  

Reviews of My Ride Gripper(tm) have been universally positive, with most customers citing its sturdy construction, ease of use and convenience. Many users especially like the convenience of keeping apps like Map My Ride and other GPS apps in easy view without compromising their safety. My Ride Gripper(tm) is available for purchase on Amazon Prime. For more information about the My Ride Gripper(tm) cell phone bike holder, visit

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