MYRAJ Introduces Business Finance Suite – Build Business Credit – Secure Funding

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MYRAJ Wealth Builders (1-844-476-9725) have expanded their Business Finance Suite funding system with the addition of several new programs. Through this service, business owners can apply for a business credit line to fund growth, irrespective of their personal credit score.

The dedicated team of financial experts at MYRAJ Prosperity Group have added new non-conventional programs to their business finance suite, allowing startups and established businesses access to a diverse range of financial resources. Combined, these programs make it easier for business owners to secure funding and build business credit.

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With the new and improved finance suite released, business owners with less-than-stellar personal credit need not worry about that standing in the way of their goals. MYRAJ professionals are ready to help any business owner obtain funding through a separate credit line associated only with the business itself. This allows the owner to build business credit without being personally liable for its debts.

Using the MYRAJ business credit builder program, businesses can obtain vendor credit and can expect high-limit store credit cards by following the program. Alongside this, businesses gain access to fleet and cash credit, as well as auto financing. These perks are associated with a business profile, bypassing personal credit check requirements and allowing credit to report to a business agency rather than a consumer credit report. The finance suite will help walk any business owner through all necessary steps to acquire the best available funding.

The business finance suite offered through MYRAJ can help acquire loans and business credit. This program helps establish a positive business credit profile, obtain vendors, build usable business credit, and make the business more lendable.

With the team of experts at MYRAJ and their finance suite program, all credible business loan options are gathered into one place. Multiple loan types and credit lines are utilized to maximize the chances of securing a loan.

In line with their mission to help entrepreneurs gain the capital and credit needed to fuel their dreams, MYRAJ Wealth Builders have offered a free business credit and loan consultation. They help with all aspects of securing a loan and maintain that they can help approve and secure funding for businesses.

A spokesperson for the company said: “What has just been added to our finance suite is mind-blowing. We have recently had some of our private investors really step up and provide clients access to exclusive financing programs that just aren’t available anywhere else”.

MYRAJ Wealth Builders now offers a complimentary 4-step guide on building business credit. Visit for more information.

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